Fine Merino volume and price: Impacts of waxing/waning demand

Wool clip on table

The 2023-24 season finished with wool prices generally easing, as they have for most apparel fibres. In this article, we look at the 16-18 micron categories in terms of volume, price, and gross sales value. Mecardo last looked at the price, volume, and gross sales value of fine merino wool in May 2021 (read more […]

Long look at 15 micron supply and prices

Fine merino prices tend to vary year to year inversely with the change in the supply of the fine micron category under consideration. It is an easy progression to assume that the longer-term trends follow a similar pattern. With this in mind, we take a long-term look at 15-micron price and volume. This article starts […]

Agricultural Commodity prices since the mid 1990’s

A suggestion was made recently for an article to look at the change in price levels across a range of agricultural commodity prices during the past two decades. Such a comparison throws up some challenges which this article looks at. In this analysis, the commodity prices have been simply deflated (adjusted for inflation) for both […]

West Australian Wool Clip

Aerial drone photo of sheep in Winilippe Yards KondoolkaStation , SA by Stefanie Roeske

With uncertainty about the size of the Western Australian sheep flock and the consequent wool clip due to drought and live export policy, Mecardo thought it timely to look at the contribution of the Western Australian wool clip to the national clip. Sheep numbers in Western Australia have followed a similar trend to Eastern Australia […]

Bale breakdown for May

Wool supply is one of the key components of the greasy wool market, and the greater supply chain, which we can monitor closely as the Australian production is well reported via the AWTA and makes up the lion’s share of merino production. With this in mind this article looks at the latest AWTA volume data […]

Vicuna, cashmere and wool prices

After exploring alpaca fibre prices in last week’s article, and with 2024 heralded as the Year of the Camelid, we now shift our focus to the prestigious fibre of the Vicuna, the Queen of the Andes. In January Mecardo looked at wool volumes on the very fine edge of the Australian merino distribution, noting that […]

Spinning the yarn on Alpaca prices

Given 2024 has been designated as the year of the camelids by the United Nations and a year has passed since the last article it seems a good time to check how alpaca prices have been going. Mecardo last looked at alpaca prices in May 2023. A good primer on the alpaca supply chain is […]

The luxury goods complex

Flock of merino sheep close up

Fine wine is a luxury item with, it turns out, some quite good indicator series for the past couple of decades. In this article, we look at one of the fine wine indicator series in comparison to merino wool and cashmere prices. The London International Vintners Exchange (LIV-Ex) apart from facilitating trade in fine wool […]

Crossbred wool update: volume, price and value

In November Mecardo looked at crossbred wool volumes, price and gross sale value which showed an increased volume of wool sold at auction accompanied by a lower price. This article refreshes the data to see how the crossbred market is travelling. Earlier Mecardo articles in July 2022 (read here) and June 2021 (read here) noted […]

International sheep meat supply and lamb prices

In mid-2022 Mecardo looked at the international supply of sheep meat (albeit from a limited number of countries) showing how lower supply had positively correlated with the increase in US dollar lamb price in the decade to 2011, with no clear trend in price evident since then. This article updates the numbers to see how […]

Sheep meat price volatility


The drop in sheep meat prices in 2023 came as an unwelcome shock after the better part of a decade of rising prices. This article takes a quick look at past price volatility in sheep meat prices to put 2023 into some historical context. A common way of looking at price volatility is to calculate […]

Update on RWS premiums

The greasy wool industry tends to think of quality effects on price as additive, somewhat like building a “lego price model” – add for good quality, deduct for poor quality. Clearly, this is not applicable across all types; spinner-style dags are just dags. The application of premiums (say for RWS) depends a lot on the […]