Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for the premium subscription?

Full access to Mecardo's premium analysis articles and reports.

Notification to new articles, reports and webinars via email.

Access to a team of analysts and prioritised response with any analysis requests or market queries.

How do I renew my subscription?

Your premium subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled. 

However, if your renewal payment was not successfully processed (due to expired cards, or bank failure) and your account becomes "inactive" you may need to create a new subscription.  To do this:

1) Go to your account page
2) In the left menu, click Subscriptions
3) Check whether your subscription status is "Active"
4) If you don’t have an active subscription, delete the subscription that is inactive or on hold, then please click here to add a new one.

Expired or change of credit cards

To update the credit card used for your subscription:

1) Go to your account page (sign in if prompted)
2) Go to the "My Subscription" page
3) Follow the prompts to update your card, or restart your subscription as required

Note: You must have an active subscription to update your credit card, to start a new subscription click here 

Tax invoices/receipts

To access a PDF copy of your subscription tax receipt

1) Go to your account page
2) In the left menu, click My Subscription
3) Scroll down to "Related Orders"
4) Click on the "Invoice" button

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address you must update both your Mecardo account and your email preferences. 

1) Go to your account page
2) "Edit your account details"
3) Enter your new email and save
4) Open a recent Mecardo Update email
5) Scroll to the bottom and click on "Update your preferences"
6) You'll receive an emailed link, follow the prompts to update your email address for the email updates.

How do I change my commodity preferences?

At the bottom of your Mecardo update email, there is a link to "update your preferences". Follow this link and further instructions to change the commodities that you are notified about or unsubscribe from the email updates. 

Note: changes made in this area, will not cancel your subscription or account.

Help, I keep having to login

If you have a premium subscription but keep getting asked to login to view the full articles, follow these troubleshooting steps

1) Check that you are logged in - if you are logged in, a green box with "ACCOUNT" will be in the top right corner of your screen.

2) When you do login - make sure to tick the "Remember me" button (this must be done on each device you use).

3) Go to your account page and click subscription to check that your subscription is active.

4) Check your web browsers cookie options. For Google Chrome users the following may be helpful (view article)

Cancelling a subscription

You may cancel your subscription at any time. To do this:

1) Go to your account page
2) Click Subscriptions in the left menu
3) Next to Actions click on Cancel

Do you offer subscription packages for businesses?

Yes, Mecardo offers discounted premium subscription packages for multiple users within the one business.

Please contact for more details.

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