DateTitleMedia outlet
11-Jun-20 Heifers dominate popularity in Victorian saleyardsStock and Land
1-Jun-20 More processor shutdowns likely but that’s typical for cattle shortageStock and Land
27-May-20 Few can meet barley demandThe Weekly Times
25-May-20 Cattle market strenght holds but there’s talk of a plateauFarm Weekly
20-May-20 Is Mulesed wool lowering prices and building Australia’s stockpileSheep Central
20-May-20 Some late changes to barley plant on the cardsNorth Queensland Register
19-May-20 US cattle price falls as meat prices soarThe Weekly Times
19-May-20 Australian Barley Cargo Turns Away From China Amid TensionsBloomberg
19-May-20 WA barley customers to be hit with an extra US$15 million in duties when two ships arrive in ChinaThe West Australian
19-May-20 China barley tariffs leave 3.4m tonne sales gap to fillFarm Weekly
19-May-20 China and Aussie dollar boosting meat valuesThe Weekly Times
19-May-20 Japan and South Korea’s appetite for Australian meatThe Weekly Times
19-May-20 Welcome boost for wool industryThe Weekly Times
13-May-20 Aussie ag watches nervously for further China falloutFarmonline
13-May-20 Barley growers stick to their gunsFarmonline
11-May-20 China Tariff Threat Adds to Australia’s Grain Industry WoesBloomberg
11-May-20 Aussie ExportsWIN News Victoria
8-May-20 Chinese beef demand doesn’t miss a stepQueensland country life
28-Apr-20 Lockdowns weigh on live cattle futuresThe Weekly Times
27-Apr-20 US pandemic woes a mixed bag of opportunity for Australian beefFarmonline
22-Apr-20 Grain growers reap reward of plummeting diesel pricesThe Weekly Times
22-Apr-20 Mutton Demand set to riseThe Weekly Times
21-Apr-20 Sowing has begun in the Wimmera and Victorian and SA MalleeStock and Land
16-Apr-20 Data shows the sniff of a herd rebuildStock and Land
14-Apr-20 Grass fever more potent than coronavirus at saleyardsFarmonline
10-Apr-20 Fears live export trade over regulatedFarm Weekly
8-Apr-20 Russia, Ukraine implement export restrictionsFarm Weekly
8-Apr-20 Mixed bag of good and bad news for Australian meat producersFarmonline
7-Apr-20 Rain gives us ray of hope in dark timesThe Weekly Times
7-Apr-20 Great rain gives farmers a confidence boostThe Weekly Times
7-Apr-20 Cattle market hovers, despite extreme demand volatilityQueensland Country Life
5-Apr-20 Lambs Alive bootcampers get back to work tonightSheep Central
1-Apr-20 Cattle, sheep markets fall back to earthThe Weekly Times
1-Apr-20 Cattle market dips despite lighter yardingsFarmonline
31-Mar-20 No more live sheep exports to Middle East during northern summerNorth Queensland Register
31-Mar-20 Cattle, sheep markets fall back to earthThe Weekly Times
27-Mar-20 African swine fever marches onABC News
26-Mar-20 Coronavirus brings threat to trade flowsThe Weekly Times
25-Mar-20 Wheat future rates a comfort for farmers during dollar volatilityThe Weekly Times
25-Mar-20 Muster on, live trade prospects are strongFarmonline
24-Mar-20 Uncertain times fuel bigger cattle salesFarmonline
18-Mar-20 Lamb prices come off the boil as coronavirus impacts marketNorth Queensland Register
17-Mar-20 Slaughter cattle shortage bites harderFarmonline
13-Mar-20 Young cattle prices still haven’t hit record in real termsFarmonline
10-Mar-20 Coronavirus can’t shackle Australia’s runaway lamb pricesBendigo Advertiser
9-Mar-20 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator hits record highThe Weekly Times
3-Mar-20 How coronavirus is impacting travel and trade for VictoriansConversation Hour
28-Feb-20 Processor losses loom, as disconnect emerges between cattle and meat pricesBeef Central
26-Feb-20 America’s hunger for Australian muttonThe Weekly Times
22-Feb-20 Transparency needed for fertiliser marketThe Weekly Times
18-Feb-20 Coronavirus: How the commodities have been impactedThe Weekly Times
11-Feb-20 Slaughter cattle prices on the riseFarmonline
29-Jan-20 Live sheep export industry tallies cost of trade stoppagesSheep Central
29-Jan-20 Live export suspension weighs on farmersThe Weekly Times
29-Jan-20 Cattle price surge creating uncertainty The Weekly Times
29-Jan-20 More kick in cattle market but February rain criticalFarm Weekly
28-Jan-20 Halting the live sheep boats cut sheep deaths and cost $150mWestern Magazine
28-Jan-20 Australia’s global wheat competitiveness dropsThe Weekly Times
22-Jan-20 Red meat prices forecast to jump in 2020The Weekly Times
22-Jan-20 Pork Production PlummetsThe Weekly Times
22-Jan-20 Big decisions to be made on early-weaned calvesFarmonline
16-Jan-20 China’s pig-virus epidemic is making our summer barbecues more expensiveThe New Daily
13-Jan-20 Feeding surviving livestock the top priority in bushfire rebuildFarmonline
9-Jan-20 Australia livestock hit hard by bushfireWorld Grain
8-Jan-20 Feedlots plus tight supply pushes weaner prices upQueensland Country Life
8-Jan-20 Meat trends for 2020The Weekly Times
8-Jan-20 Grain prices are high, but still lower than same time last yearThe Weekly Times
8-Jan-20 Australia’s Wildfires Could Wipe Entire Endangered Species Off the PlanetVice
7-Jan-20 Fonterra not out of the woods in Australia Stuff
6-Jan-20 Farmers impacted by bushfires count ‘heartbreaking’ costABC
6-Jan-20 Impact of fires on livestockABC News at Noon
6-Jan-20 The bushfire impactWIN News Victoria
6-Jan-20 Deaths, destruction from bushfire crisis mounts upThe Weekly Times
3-Jan-20 Millions of sheep, cattle could be caught up in Australian bushfiresThe Weekly Times
3-Jan-20 Australian ag hit hard by bushfiresFeedstuffs
1-Jan-20 US China Beef Exports DropAgTrader
31-Dec-19 2019 wheat prices record similar trend to 2018The Weekly Times
18-Dec-19 National wheat production predicted to fall under 15 million tonnesThe Weekly Times
17-Dec-19 Australian wheat crop estimate revised down even furtherThe Weekly Times
17-Dec-19 Call for fertiliser price transparencyFarmonline
17-Dec-19 Global phosphorus fertiliser prices hit decade lowsFarmonline
2-Dec-19 Cattle producers reach tipping point and offload hardFarmonline
27-Nov-19 Chinese pork demand could eat into global supplyThe Weekly Times
26-Nov-19 Increased global grain production holds wheat pricesThe Weekly Times
25-Nov-19 ASF DiscussionABC Focus
21-Nov-19 China probe extension a risk to exportsThe Countryman
10-Oct-19 Does WA’s live sheep trade need a long moratorium?Countryman
6-Oct-19 Was that the low for mutton?Stock and Land
5-Oct-19 Meat exports into ChinaABC Landline
5-Oct-19 ASF increasing changing trade flowsABC Landline
5-Oct-19 Hay set for another hot yearFarm Weekly
3-Oct-19 Supporting live exports makes senseFarm Weekly
2-Oct-19 Swine fever ABC News
2-Oct-19 Swine fever causes concernWin News
2-Oct-19 Wool market volatilityABC Rural
2-Oct-19 Industry experts say wool market at risk of losing shareThe Weekly Times
29-Sep-19 The price of bacon could DOUBLEDaily Mail
28-Sep-19 WA sheep farmers losing outGood fruit and vegetables
27-Sep-19 Sheepmeat prices buoy Katanning saleyardsThe Countryman
26-Sep-19 African swine fever pushes Australian pork prices upThe West Australian
25-Sep-19 Importers struggling to access porkABC Rural
25-Sep-19 Wool market stabilises after weeks of volatilityThe Weekly Times
23-Sep-19 Live sheep trade resumes from WA to the Middle East as ban liftedNorth Queensland Register
21-Sep-19 Live sheep export report backs the ‘quiet achiever’The West Australian
20-Sep-19 The Impact of African Swine FeverQueensland Country Today
20-Sep-19 Live sheep exports resume as industry fights to improve its imageABC Rural
20-Sep-19 No surprises as live ex vessel goes elsewhereFarm Weekly
19-Sep-19 Wheat market rallyACE Radio
19-Sep-19 African Swine FeverABC Countryhour Victoria
19-Sep-19 Sheep trade crucial to WA: reportThe West Australian
18-Sep-19 One quarter of world’s pigs killed by African swine fever as disease spreads to South KoreaABC News
18-Sep-19 Live export value to WA sheep industry highlighted in reportSheep Central
17-Sep-19 Live exports vital to WA economy and farms: LiveCorp reportThe West Australian
17-Sep-19 Australian wheat prices on the way to $400 a tonneThe Weekly Times
17-Sep-19 Focus turns to Aussie crop prospects for grain marketing leadQueensland Country Life
15-Sep-19 Tightening supply needed to hit cattle slaughter forecastFarm Weekly
11-Sep-19 Sheep and Mutton ForecastsABC Rural Report
11-Sep-19 Grainpro chief’s ex-wife digs in against deal for creditorsThe Weekly Times
11-Sep-19 No worries as lamb indicator slides below 800c barrierQueensland Country Life
11-Sep-19 The wool market is expected to improveThe Weekly Times
7-Sep-19 Have grass, just need mouthsNorth Queensland Register
6-Sep-19 African swine fever outbreak critical in ChinaThe Countryman
3-Sep-19 Cattle continue to come out of the woodworkNorth Queensland Register
3-Sep-19 Australia ‘irrelevant’ on global wheat marketABC News
1-Sep-19 Appetite for lamb and mutton still strong overseasNorth Queensland Register
31-Aug-19 Another record for lotfeedersNorth Queensland Register
30-Aug-19 Forward wool traders take risks at discounted ratesSheep Central
30-Aug-19 Woolgrowers eye US-China trade war dentCountryman
30-Aug-19 Forward wool traders take risks at discounted ratesSheep Central
28-Aug-19 Correlation of futures prices to AustraliaABC SA Rural Report
26-Aug-19 GrainPro may have been trading when insolventFarmonline
25-Aug-19 Low volumes limit NM, CM wool shipmentsFarm Weekly
25-Aug-19 Specialist trader confirms report findingFarm Weekly
25-Aug-19 Will falling wool prices be the end of the wether flock?Farmonline
24-Aug-19 Exports to China trump the USQueensland Country Life
22-Aug-19 GM Moratorium lifted in SACountry Today
21-Aug-19 Focus should be quality not quantityThe Weekly Times
16-Aug-19 Beef industry optimismBairnsdale Advertiser
15-Aug-19 Grain Market OutlookWin News
15-Aug-19 Is there really a problem with F1 Wagyu?Beef Central
12-Aug-19 Australia to continue buying Canadian wheat in 2019-20Hellenic Shipping News
11-Aug-19 To calve in spring or autumn?Farmonline
10-Aug-19 Ovine slaughter at eight year lowFarmonline
6-Aug-19 African Swine FeverVictorian Country Hour
1-Aug-19 WA lamb producers living off the fat of lamb price spikeCountryman
31-Jul-19 Grainpro Goes into AdministrationThe Weekly Times
29-Jul-19 Grain insolvencyABC Countryhour
27-Jul-19 Lamb prices hitting record highs as output shrinks but demand growsThe Canberra Times
25-Jul-19 Grain sellers on high alert with fresh payment concernsFarmonline
25-Jul-19 Federal ban hits hopes for live tradeCountryman
22-Jul-19 Argentinian wheat set to make deeper inroads into Southeast AsiaS&P Global
18-Jul-19 Esperance youngster making grains countThe Weekly Times
18-Jul-19 Sky-high lamb prices forecast to dipCountryman
17-Jul-19 Winter grains on the way thanks to recent rainsThe Weekly Times
17-Jul-19 Forbes lambs surge to a record $355 a headThe Land
15-Jul-19 Global wheat slashed by heatThe Weekly Times
13-Jul-19 Fewer ewes in the east, but more in the westQueensland Country Life
10-Jul-19 US exporters looking for more lean Australian beef MICA
23-Jun-19 Heavy sheep slaughter to see flock numbers at a new lowThe Land
22-Jun-19 Australian grain-fed cattle at a premium to the USThe Land
18-Jun-19 Lamb market thrives as demand upThe Countryman
18-Jun-19 Dairy MarketWin News
16-Jun-19 Increase in the flock remains a hostage to rainfallThe Land
15-Jun-19 Herd liquidation pace continues to escalateThe Land
12-Jun-19 Angus price premium is real; but won’t remain with complacencyThe Weekly Times
12-Jun-19 Lamb! Record WA sale at $289The Countryman
10-Jun-19 Export sales should see lamb prices hit new recordsThe Land
7-Jun-19 Wave of highs and lows tipped for State’s lamb pricesThe Countryman
2-Jun-19 Cattle backlog building in feedlotsThe Land
1-Jun-19 Restocker lambs are hitting records for a reasonThe Land
30-May-19 Premiums remain high for finished stockThe Land
28-May-19 Growing Asian preference for quality beef will underpin Angus premiumsBeef Central
26-May-19 Stronger cattle prices should persist in the medium termThe Land
25-May-19 Lack of lambs visible in NSWThe Land
22-May-19 WA market outperforms Eastern StatesThe Countryman
22-May-19 Lamb and mutton prices showing no loss of paceThe Land
19-May-19 Natural disasters eat into cattle suppliesThe Land
18-May-19 Record mutton prices, but is there more?The Land
16-May-19 Soyabean slup forecast for 2019The Weekly Times
15-May-19 Australian wheat production forecast to climb in 2019The Weekly Times
15-May-19 Australian Grain ImportsWin News Albury
15-May-19 Manildra to import wheatABC PM
14-May-19 Restocker lamb takes leading role in Australia’s lamb storyThe Land
13-May-19 Mutton marketABC Landline
6-May-19 What cost the phase out of live sheep exportsCountry Today
6-May-19 Fake meat burger taste testCountry Today
5-May-19 Female SlaughterABC Landline
1-May-19 The rain arrivesWIN News Victoria
1-May-19 Relief for grain farmers9News
29-Apr-19 A tale of two marketsABC Rural
26-Apr-19 Lempriere Grain 9news
25-Apr-19 The rain outlookWIN News Victoria
10-Apr-19 China hits Canadian canola marketThe Weekly Times
10-Apr-19 Brazil cashes in on US — China trade warThe Weekly Times
10-Apr-19 India extends pea tariffs for another year, which could impact Aussie pulse plantingsThe Weekly Times
3-Apr-19 Cattle Market UpdateABC Rural
3-Apr-19 Minimising Counterparty Risk in grainABC Rural
2-Apr-19 EYCI jumps back above 500c/kg as rain ads fuel to marketThe Weekly Times
1-Apr-19 Bid for WA wool growers to boost forward sellingThe West Australian
31-Mar-19 US making Australian lamb exports great againFarm Weekly
30-Mar-19 Easing grain prices offer lotfeeders reliefFarm Online
27-Mar-19 Throughput is biggest driver of beef processor profitability, economic model showsBeef Central
27-Mar-19 Insolvency latest in string of blows to growersFarmonline
26-Mar-19 Angus conference to reflect on breed’s first 100 yearsBeef Central
26-Mar-19 Lempriere Grain creditors asssessing damageFarmonline
22-Mar-19 Wool market continues downward trend as volatility in tight supply market continuesThe Land
22-Mar-19 Rain offers price break as outlook appears grimStock and Land
21-Mar-19 Great Souther: Regional leaderGreat Southern Weekender
19-Mar-19 Lamb prices steady but historically high despite dry seasonThe Weekly Times
19-Mar-19 Saleyard prices lowest in five yearsStock and Land
17-Mar-19 Export markets key to lamb and sheep price behaviourNorth Queensland Register
16-Mar-19 WA Lotfeeders’ Association (WALFA) Better BeefFarm Weekly
16-Mar-19 US poised for liquidationNorth Queensland Register
14-Mar-19 Global trends for beef, lamb, wool and wheat at NRM workshopNaracoorte Herald
13-Mar-19 Cow cull cuts coins as prices head southStock and Land
12-Mar-19 EYCI falls below 400c/kg for first time since 2014The Weekly Times
12-Mar-19 Meat prices soaring hit family grocery budgets hardThe Daily Telegraph
10-Mar-19 EYCI nearing price supportStock and Land
9-Mar-19 Records smashed for lamb exports in JanuaryStock and Land
5-Mar-19 Prices ease on back of bleak forecastStock and Land
3-Mar-19 Sheep feeding pay-off depends on timely rainStock and Land
1-Mar-19 Price rise suggests tight timesStock and Land
28-Feb-19 Social Licence ABC Rural
28-Feb-19 China beef imports rise to new heightsStock and Land
26-Feb-19 Farmers and Social LicenceCountry Today
25-Feb-19 Export values near three a year highStock and Land
23-Feb-19 Mutton closing in on a lowFairfax Network
21-Feb-19 Restockers shed light on female slaughter ratioFairfax Network
20-Feb-19 GM ban cost SA farmers $33m: review9NEWS
20-Feb-19 Lamb flock decline like cattle herdThe West Australian
20-Feb-19 Dry east coast shrinks herdThe West Australian
17-Feb-19 Opportunity for WA cattle in the wake of Queensland chaosCountryman
16-Feb-19 Falling grain-fed prices and flat inputs mean one thingFairfax Network
15-Feb-19 Lamb supply squeeze tips large price upsideFairfax Network
13-Feb-19 Lamb prices reach six-month low, rebound expected soonThe Weekly Times
13-Feb-19 Southern cattle markets waiting for rain to boost pricesThe Weekly Times
13-Feb-19 Live sheep exports at 30-year low, could fall furtherThe Weekly Times
6-Feb-19 EYCI: Young cattle prices fall by 11 per cent as heat persistsThe Weekly Times
6-Feb-19 Opinion: Live export ban could act as sacrificial lambFairfax Network
5-Feb-19 Webster switches from cotton to sheep to stay ahead of the droughtABC Rural
4-Feb-19 How does the recent hot weather impact on the crop?9news
29-Jan-19 The US government shutdownABC Rural
22-Jan-19 Family farms targeted by animal activists’ name-and-shame mapFairfax Network
18-Jan-19 Animals Australia under siegePort News
16-Jan-19 A look at the canola marketWIN News Victoria
10-Jan-19 How the West got back on crop for bumper $6.5b harvestThe West Australian
9-Jan-19 Beef price future rests on season in global marketsThe Weekly Times
9-Jan-19 Analysts say US crop report delay won’t make a big difference for nowThe Weekly Times
3-Jan-19 Aussie dollar takes a tankingABC Rural
2-Jan-19 Lamb’s peak has passed but a solid year lies aheadThe Weekly Times
2-Jan-19 Weather extremes hurt cropping industryQueensland Country Life
26-Dec-18 Season to dictate weaner sale resultsStock and Land
22-Dec-18 The income of Animals AustraliaABC Rural
21-Dec-18 Price, yield rises help sprout harvest of hopeCountryman
11-Dec-18 Cattle export study praises Kimberley, Pilbara operationsThe West Australian
7-Dec-18 Fuel price dropping during harvestABC Rural
4-Dec-18 Producers net $620m a year from live cattle tradeThe Weekly Times
3-Dec-18 US/China truce to boost grain marketsCountry Today
3-Dec-18 Takeover bid for GraincorpABC Countryhour
3-Dec-18 What is our live cattle export industry worth?ABC Countryhour
3-Dec-18 Analysis underscores value of live export trade to cattle industryBeef Central
30-Nov-18 Flour mill boss says drought could mean higher prices for breadABC News
30-Nov-18 Wool market update9news
30-Nov-18 Producers net $620m a year from live cattle tradeThe Weekly Times
27-Nov-18 Mid-year price divergenceFarmonline
26-Nov-18 The Crimean CrisisABC Rural
26-Nov-18 Hit pause on herd rebuildFarmonline
23-Nov-18 Rural Report (Tas) – Grain Market UpdateABC Rural
23-Nov-18 MV Jawan9news
22-Nov-18 Surging demand for mutton from China and USAStock and Land
21-Nov-18 The recent rains – too little too late?9News
21-Nov-18 Cattle, sheepmeat price volatility eases as quality paysThe Weekly Times
20-Nov-18 Australian sheep and wool are in demandThe Weekly Times
16-Nov-18 Red hot cattle trading margins on offerQueensland Country Life
16-Nov-18 Sheep into QueenslandABC Rural
14-Nov-18 More sheep are being slaughtered year-on-year due to drought conditionsThe Weekly Times
14-Nov-18 Trade lamb volatility slows for nowThe Weekly Times
13-Nov-18 Prices turnaround in WA as live trade resumesQueensland Country Life
11-Nov-18 2018 cattle prices might be ‘weakest we see for years’Queensland Country Life
8-Nov-18 Sheep prices rebound as live trade resumesThe West Australian
7-Nov-18 Increased yardings, poor forecast help slow EYCIThe Weekly Times
6-Nov-18 Mountain Dam Merino rams go out on a highThe Weekly Times
5-Nov-18 The appetite for Australian sheepmeat remains robust internationallyStock and Land
1-Nov-18 Woolly thinking’ on wool price Countryman
31-Oct-18 Is wool’s price-demand slump due to grower politics or high prices?Sheep Central
31-Oct-18 WoolPoll votes plummetStock and Land
30-Oct-18 Cattle: EYCI continues to climbStock and Land
29-Oct-18 More rain, more cattle market liftStock and Land
28-Oct-18 What would a drop in wool levy mean for farmers?Country Today
25-Oct-18 The age of outrage and the impact on farmingStock and Land
25-Oct-18 Countryhour: AWI Shareholder dataABC Rural
24-Oct-18 Kelly Country: Will lamb’s rebound continue?The Weekly Times
24-Oct-18 Millennials the key to growth in sheepmeat and wool industryThe Weekly Times
24-Oct-18 AWI crying poor despite record $120 million financial reservesThe Land
23-Oct-18 Senate Estimates Federal Senate
21-Oct-18 Processor cut-out modelABC Landline
20-Oct-18 Cracks in the drought look good for young cattle pricesFarmonline
19-Oct-18 Merino lambs on the moneyThe Land
18-Oct-18 Young cattle prices set to surge after drought breaksBeef Central
17-Oct-18 The quiet achiever in Australia’s sheep meat market is muttonQueensland Country Life
17-Oct-18 Lamb exports hit six year low, as mutton exports increaseThe Weekly Times
16-Oct-18 Rain-driven cattle price rally likely to be fleetingFarmonline
16-Oct-18 Kill numbers up, flock numbers downFarm Weekly
16-Oct-18 Wool market makes a return to upward trend with medium wools the targetInverall Times
14-Oct-18 Interview with Robert HerrmannABC Landline
10-Oct-18 Superfine merino clip leads mulesing reformThe Weekly Times
9-Oct-18 Industry forum shaping the future for beef producersThe Weekly Times
9-Oct-18 700 cents the new normal lamb indicatorFarmonline
3-Oct-18 Driest ever September deepens Australia’s droughtReuters
3-Oct-18 Dairy glut fear in US-China trade warThe Weekly Times
2-Oct-18 Wheat prices continue their remarkable trajectory upwardsABC Rural
1-Oct-18 Biotechnology and agriculture in Australia: policy snapshotABARES
29-Sep-18 Grain feeding lambsThe Land
28-Sep-18 The fuel price riseABC SA Rural Report
28-Sep-18 Processors paying for cattleFarmonline
26-Sep-18 Slaughter numbers rise, national flock numbers declineNorth Queensland Register
22-Sep-18 Lamb pricingABC Landline
19-Sep-18 NT Countryhour: What would Australia look like without live exportsABC Rural
19-Sep-18 Live export investigationABC Countryhour
17-Sep-18 WAFarmers calls for live sheep export licences to be fast-trackedSheep Central
14-Sep-18 Live discussion of the SA GM moratoriumABC Rural
14-Sep-18 Croplife applauds GM crop ban review by independent SA committeeStock Journal
11-Sep-18 Making the most out of FMD’sCountry Today
11-Sep-18 Drought bites in the east as ABARES forecasts 12pc cut to grain productionABC Rural
9-Sep-18 Lamb processor marginsABC Landline
7-Sep-18 How to bounce back after droughtStock and Land
5-Sep-18 New Zealand sheep flock decline continuesStock Journal
3-Sep-18 Tasmanian CountryhourCountyhour
3-Sep-18 Oz sheep flock ‘likely to decline’FarmWeek
3-Sep-18 Buyers for cattle dry up in the droughtGatton Star
3-Sep-18 Tell the kids! There is money in feeding poddy lambsStock Journal
30-Aug-18 Lotfeeder margins pressure the marketNorth Queensland Register
30-Aug-18 Saleyard price spreads don’t stack up at the supermarketFarmonline
30-Aug-18 Australian farmers running out of timeThe Western Producer
28-Aug-18 Cattle market rain kick ‘modest at best’Farmonline
21-Aug-18 Talk of Russia, Ukraine wheat export limits sends prices higherFarmonline
20-Aug-18 The image of agricultureABC Rural
20-Aug-18 Big dry drives record numbers of cattle on feedThe Land
19-Aug-18 Cattle on feedABC Landline
17-Aug-18 Exports driving lamb demandFarmonline
16-Aug-18 Emanuel Exports hopes licence suspension will be liftedThe Weekly Times
16-Aug-18 Live Export and WA sheep pricesABC PM
16-Aug-18 Drought delivers bumper profits for West Australian farmersAFR
16-Aug-18 Market outlook an echo of dry spring of 2002Farmonline
15-Aug-18 Using futures to lock in a price for 2020Country Today
15-Aug-18 Cattle market: Optimism on beef salesThe Weekly Times
14-Aug-18 The imapct of a glyphosate banABC Rural
10-Aug-18 Drought impact US beef producersStock and Land
10-Aug-18 Drought impact US beef producersFarmonline
8-Aug-18 Animal welfare the loser in Australia’s withdrawal from live exportsThe Weekly Times
8-Aug-18 What will the drought mean for lamb supply?Stock and Land
8-Aug-18 Australia’s drought-hit farms like lambs to the slaughterReuters
2-Aug-18 Perfect storm is a wheat price boost for WA farmersThe West Australian
1-Aug-18 Why the New Zealand cow cull was a non-eventStock and Land
31-Jul-18 Will record lamb prices hold?The Land
25-Jul-18 Female cattle slaughter rate lifts againThe Weekly Times
24-Jul-18 Live export divides industryStock and Land
20-Jul-18 10 years of wheat deregulationThe Ag Show (Sky News)
18-Jul-18 Buyers dig deep as lamb supply shortage grips industryThe Weekly Times
16-Jul-18 Fickle cattle market so hard to readFarm Weekly
13-Jul-18 Bumper year, but beef lagsThe Weekly Times
13-Jul-18 Young cattle prices hit two-month highThe Weekly Times
9-Jul-18 Are lamb prices sustainable Country Today
8-Jul-18  Analysts warn shoppers to expect a number of items to rise in priceThe Daily Telegraph
7-Jul-18 Artisinal Wheat ABC News
6-Jul-18 Commodity UpdateThe Ag Show (Sky News)
3-Jul-18 Wheat deregulation – 10 years onABC Rural
3-Jul-18 How the AWB oil-for-food scandal changed Australia’s wheat industryABC News
29-Jun-18 Sheep and wool producers look for ways to further boost returnsStock and Land
27-Jun-18 Sheep, lamb and wool outlookABC Rural
27-Jun-18 The positive sheep industry9News
27-Jun-18 30 per cent of WA’s sheep and lamb turn-off looking for a new homeThe Weekly Times
27-Jun-18 Lamb market surges above 700c/kgThe Weekly Times
27-Jun-18 Live export debate hangs heavy in WA’s sheep saleyards ABC Rural
27-Jun-18 Rapid increase in lamb price on dwindling supplyThe Weekly Times
21-Jun-18 Barley reaches 10-year price highCountryman
20-Jun-18 Tariff ScuffleABC SA Rural Report
16-Jun-18 Beef retail prices hit a recordThe Land
15-Jun-18 PETA claims wrong on drought, sheep ‘crisis’The Land
15-Jun-18 Lamb and mutton slaughter levels revisedWestern Magazine
14-Jun-18 ‘Frightening’ loss of heifers as slaughter rate risesThe Weekly Times
14-Jun-18 What do we do with extreme activists?Stock and Land
13-Jun-18 Barley plantings forecast to lift following good pricesThe Weekly Times
12-Jun-18 Wool Market UpdateWIN News Victoria
12-Jun-18 Cattle breeders pare back further as dry winter loomsThe Land
7-Jun-18 Farmers push to change the definition of lamb 730 Report
5-Jun-18 NSW cattle saleyard throughputs skyrocketThe Weekly Times
5-Jun-18 Lamb and sheep slaughter: Dry spell stirs salesThe Weekly Times
30-May-18 Shorter shearing intervals trend evens out market supplyThe Land
29-May-18 Global Beef Quarterly report: Squeeze on pricesThe Weekly Times
29-May-18 Lamb prices: Market shows resilience despite dryThe Weekly Times
29-May-18 Do more mouths equal more money?Stock and Land
28-May-18 The Russian SteamrollerACE Radio
24-May-18 Eyes to the skiesStock and Land
24-May-18 Wait for rain puts dampener on higher prices forecastThe West Australian
23-May-18 High demand to keep barley buoyantThe West Australian
22-May-18 Dry conditions prompt forced sales of livestockThe Rural
22-May-18 Labour threatens to ban live sheep exports from AustraliaFarmWeek
20-May-18 Those clever guys at MecardoLandline
19-May-18 How 25 years of selective breeding led to a fast-growing, no-shearing ‘lamb master’ sheepABC Rural
18-May-18 What’s driving the move to direct cattle purchases by processorsFarmonline
17-May-18 Commodity UpdateThe Ag Show (Sky News)
16-May-18 Warning on east coast sheep prices if trade is bannedThe Weekly Times
15-May-18 When is a lamb a lamb?ABC 730
14-May-18 The outlook for the wheat marketABC Rural
13-May-18 The market outlookLandline
13-May-18 Barley bonanza set to continueFarm Weekly
11-May-18 Farmers concerned about live export ban9news
10-May-18 The cold snap9news
10-May-18 Hansard: GM free areas actWA Parliament
8-May-18 How New Zealand banned the live export of sheep for slaughter 15 years agABC Rural
6-May-18 Sorghum and sheep updateLandline
4-May-18 Live export penalties set to increaseSheep Central
4-May-18 Live sheep export ban: Labor’s proposal ill-informed — CCAThe Weekly Times
3-May-18 ALP likely to phase out live sheep exportsBusinessNews
2-May-18 The market outlookLandline
2-May-18 Processors buying less at the saleyardThe Land
2-May-18 Wheat consumption: Global stockpile shrinkingThe Weekly Times
2-May-18 Cattle herd projections: Dry hits beef’s rebuildThe Weekly Times
2-May-18 Margins tighten for producers still feeding lambsThe Weekly Times
1-May-18 A dry start to the season9news
30-Apr-18 Countryhour: Live export industryABC Rural
30-Apr-18 Live-ex sheep footage put in contextThe Land
24-Apr-18 Wool forecast drops after tough seasonQueensland Country Life
24-Apr-18 NSW MP Sussan Ley to continue Private Members Bill against live sheep exportsSheep Central
24-Apr-18 Sub-par autumn affects pricesStock and Land
24-Apr-18 Export ban MP Sussan Ley meets with WAFarmersThe Weekly Times
23-Apr-18 Country Hour for Monday 23 April, 2018ABC Rural
22-Apr-18 WA farmers reject ‘wildly inaccurate’ analysis of live sheep banThe Land
21-Apr-18 Farmers want more cash to give up live tradeThe Australian
21-Apr-18 33 years on, a long-term solution to live export trade remains elusiveThe Guardian
20-Apr-18 Live export ban cost up to $150mBusinessNews
20-Apr-18 Special visa on the horizon for farmersSydney Morning Herald
19-Apr-18 Turnbull government MP will introduce a bill to ban live sheep exportsWA Today
18-Apr-18 TPP return: Caution from cattle, grain industries over US backflipThe Weekly Times
18-Apr-18 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator: Big dry crushes pricesThe Weekly Times
18-Apr-18 Lamb prices dip as weather worsens, but mutton holds onThe Weekly Times
17-Apr-18 Talking Point: We need to meat demandThe Mercury
16-Apr-18 EYCI down on back of poor rain, high supplyStock and Land
13-Apr-18 Trump can’t just ‘waltz back in’ on TPP-2.0Fairfax
13-Apr-18 Dragging animal welfare through a kangaroo courtBeef Central
12-Apr-18 Farmers speak out against abuse from vegan activistsABC AM
12-Apr-18 Insurance and the live animal export tradeABC RN
12-Apr-18 Any LE ban has to be well though outFarm Weekly
12-Apr-18 Live export under scrutiny: does the data stack up?The Northern Daily Reader
11-Apr-18 US-China trade: Australia caught in the crossfireThe Weekly Times
10-Apr-18 Coalition MP calls for sheep export banSydney Morning Herald
10-Apr-18 ‘Enough is enough’The Age
9-Apr-18 Trade War: What’s in it for us?ACE Radio
9-Apr-18 Shorten: live exports ‘a national disgrace’Stock and Land
6-Apr-18 Could US-China tariffs benefit Australian farmers?9news
6-Apr-18 Trump trade war boosts Australia’s farm exports edge into ChinaThe Land
4-Apr-18 Prime cattle market: Supply packing punchThe Weekly Times
4-Apr-18 Mutton remains strongThe Weekly Times
3-Apr-18 US beef demand in fine fettleStock and Land
3-Apr-18 Growers taking market risksStock and Land
2-Apr-18 The risk of FMD in AustraliaABC Rural
29-Mar-18 Indian Agriculture in crisisACE Radio
29-Mar-18 Market updateThe Ag Show (Sky News)
28-Mar-18 Wagyu producers urged to work with feedlottersThe Land
24-Mar-18 Has Sth Africa lost Nelson Mandela’s vision, with farm land-grab?The Land
24-Mar-18 Clean, green, GM free means no financial benefitThe Weekly Times
23-Mar-18 South Australia hope for genetically modified cropsThe Weekly Times
22-Mar-18 SA Election – Impact of GM moratoriumThe Ag Show (Sky News)
22-Mar-18 South Australia hope for genetically modified cropsThe Weekly Times
22-Mar-18 Lamb and sheepmeat prices stronger for longerThe Weekly Times
21-Mar-18 Lambs dearer as beef easesThe Weekly Times
20-Mar-18 GM crops ‘kicked around like a political football’ in SA no moreStock Journal
20-Mar-18 Wool market: Prices decline up to 60c/kgThe Weekly Times
19-Mar-18 The impact of fires in the Western Districts9News
19-Mar-18 Wool market: Prices decline up to 60c/kgThe Weekly Times
18-Mar-18 Learn to learn and proceed with confidenceStock and Land
16-Mar-18 South Australian farmers dudded by political ban on GM cropsFarm Online
14-Mar-18 Beef cattle prices climb instantly with Queensland rainThe Weekly Times
14-Mar-18 Beef cattle prices climb instantly with Queensland rainThe Weekly Times
13-Mar-18 Booming Western Vic on the sheeps back9News
7-Mar-18 Non-GMO crops don’t earn farmers moreGenetic Literacy Project
7-Mar-18 GM Moratorium delivers no premiums to SAGrain Central
7-Mar-18 Rabobank beef quarterly report: US poses threatThe Weekly Times
6-Mar-18 GM moratorium delivers no premiums for SA farmers: MecardoMurray Valley Standard
6-Mar-18 No premiums in genetically modified crop moratorium for South AustraliaNorth Queensland Register
5-Mar-18 SA farmers demand next government lifts moratoriumThe Advertiser
28-Feb-18 Jenny Kelly: Northern rain beefs things upThe Weekly Times
27-Feb-18 Chronic shortage of shearersACE Radio
27-Feb-18 Cattle market chatter hits CanberraStock and Land
23-Feb-18 Market report highlights WA issuesFarm Weekly
22-Feb-18 Cow sell-off? Maybe not yetThe Land
21-Feb-18 Sheepmeat’s future fearsThe Weekly Times
20-Feb-18 Mutton prices take a tumble after opening year strongThe Weekly Times
15-Feb-18 Ag Commodity Market UpdateThe Ag Show (Sky News)
13-Feb-18 Growers in powerful positionStock and Land
8-Feb-18 Prices have dropped but herd rebuild will mean strong bull demandThe Weekly Times
8-Feb-18 Export competition: Beef shielded in European Union dealThe Weekly Times
7-Feb-18 GM crop moratorium set to extend in SAGroundcover
6-Feb-18 Unusual behaviour from animal rights activistsACE Radio
6-Feb-18 Prices for trade steers pick upStock and Land
6-Feb-18 Fine wool prices up but cashmere’s kingThe Weekly Times
1-Feb-18 Australia curbs foreign ownership of farmlandReuters
30-Jan-18 Lack of rain drops steer prices furtherStock and Land
30-Jan-18 Wagyu feedlot grading liftStock and Land
25-Jan-18 Australia day lambABC
25-Jan-18 Independent butchers struggling to competeABC
25-Jan-18 Lamb markets surging to 7 year high.ABC
25-Jan-18 A great time to be in sheepABC Rural
25-Jan-18 Call for full transparency in over-the-hook sheep meat pricesSheep Central
25-Jan-18 Pressure on for escalation of Wagyu fullblood numbersStock and Land
24-Jan-18 Soaring lamb prices in the lead up to Australia DayABC
23-Jan-18 Call for full transparency in over-the-hook sheep meat pricesSheep Central
23-Jan-18 Lack of rain, low dollar has impactStock and Land
22-Jan-18 The opening of the Mortlake saleyard9news
22-Jan-18 Farming a good fit for AgarStock and Land
17-Jan-18 Chopper pressure to come from US and lift in Aussie herd numbersThe Weekly Times
16-Jan-18 Wool market starts strong9news
16-Jan-18 ABC News: The strength of the lamb marketABC
16-Jan-18 Weaner prices now sit ‘close to fair value’Farm Online
16-Jan-18 Restockers take it back a gearStock and Land
15-Jan-18 Should farmers hold off selling wheat?ACE Radio
12-Jan-18 Woolgrowers take punt on forward marketFarm Weekly
10-Jan-18 Beef market set for more competitionFarm Weekly
10-Jan-18 Corals die, farmers suffer through Australia’s third-hottest yearReuters
10-Jan-18 Weaker market prices to start yearStock and Land
10-Jan-18 Lamb prices start the year stronger again on last year’s stellar finishThe Weekly Times
4-Jan-18 Forecast lures woolgrowers to forward tradeNorth Queensland Register
1-Jan-18 QLD Countryhour – Year of the SheepABC Rural
1-Jan-18 Producers and analysts confident prices will remain strongThe Land
28-Dec-17 Livestock – A year in reviewABC Rural
26-Dec-17 Livestock – The 2018 Outlook9news
26-Dec-17 The year that was Queensland Country Life
25-Dec-17 New buyers set to enter auction room in 2018Queensland Country Life
21-Dec-17 ‘Extraordinary’ rates entice forward salesThe Land
19-Dec-17 Grains industry investigates impact of banning GM CropsABC Rural
19-Dec-17 Weaker supply met with weaker demandStock and Land
18-Dec-17 Could the diesel price erode cotton profits?Cotton Info
18-Dec-17 La Nina and restockers to pull the 2018 cattle market stringsNorth Queensland Register
18-Dec-17 Wool’s ‘extraordinary’ record runThe Land
17-Dec-17 Beef looks down barrel of more competitionQueensland Country Life
12-Dec-17 Rain fails to shift national figuresStock and Land
12-Dec-17 Lamb at record pre-Christmas highsThe Weekly Times
11-Dec-17 Bitcoin Futures Launch Reveals Huge Holes in Global Cryptocurrency PricingThe Street
11-Dec-17 Bitcoin Futures Launch Reveals Huge Holes in Global Cryptocurrency PricingThe Street
5-Dec-17 Restockers paying above-average pricesStock and Land
4-Dec-17 Tough year for processing sectorThe Land
4-Dec-17 Aussie wool sector poised to sustain strong growth on back of Chinese demandXinhua
30-Nov-17 Australian Wool Handlers tells AWI to “butt out” of marketStock and Land
29-Nov-17 Lack of supply remains a factorStock and Land
28-Nov-17 Hail impacts crops in Western Victoria9news
28-Nov-17 Weather Woes for Western harvestABC Rural
28-Nov-17 Beef needs to address data rights legal uncertaintyThe Land
27-Nov-17 Crops hit by hail9News
21-Nov-17 Queensland cattle yardings keep increasingStock and Land
21-Nov-17 No GM price premiums: MecardoStock Journal
20-Nov-17 Victorian Frost9news
19-Nov-17 Rain, export prices pump strength into cattle marketNorth Queensland Register
17-Nov-17 SA set to extend GM moratoriumStock and Land
16-Nov-17 South Australian farmers to be shackledCrop Life
15-Nov-17 Hansard: GM Crop management regulationsSA Parliament
15-Nov-17 Uruguay visitors a lucky charm as EMI surgesThe Weekly Times
14-Nov-17 Supply increase puts stop to riseStock and Land
14-Nov-17 Pulse Report: Alberta and Manitoba lose royalty-free CDC varietiesThe Western Producer
14-Nov-17 Pulse Report: Alberta and Manitoba lose royalty-free CDC varietiesThe Western Producer
10-Nov-17 The price of peas in India just went bananasBusiness Insider
10-Nov-17 Pea prices are going nuts in IndiaBusiness Insider
9-Nov-17 Vendors keep a close eye on forward contractsThe Rural
8-Nov-17 Lamb sale numbers spikeFarm Online
8-Nov-17 EYCI on the riseStock and Land
8-Nov-17 Lamb sale numbers spikeStock and Land
8-Nov-17 Rain vital to weaner hopesThe Weekly Times
8-Nov-17 Wool’s Eastern Market Indicator hits a record 1623c/kgThe Weekly Times
3-Nov-17 The World Today: WoolABC Radio
3-Nov-17 Wool renaissance sees strong demand and record pricesABC Rural
3-Nov-17 New record for northern market wool indicatorThe Inverell Times
3-Nov-17 New record for market indicatorThe Northern Daily Reader
2-Nov-17 Countryhour: A closer look at the wool industryABC Rural
2-Nov-17 Trade steers main moversStock and Land
2-Nov-17 Proxy boycott as Merriman ramps-up election campaignThe Land
1-Nov-17 ABC Riverland: Spike in lamb yardingsABC Rural
1-Nov-17 Director backs his wool industry leaders amid revelations about the use of proxy votesABC Rural
31-Oct-17 Aussie Beef Ban LiftedABC Rural
31-Oct-17 China lifts Australian beef import suspension from six major firmsABC Rural
31-Oct-17 Avocado’s & woolACE Radio
27-Oct-17 ABC Riverland: A look at the weeks wool marketABC Rural
27-Oct-17 Wool returns to glory daysThe Rural
25-Oct-17 Countryhour: Our view on the wool industryABC Rural
25-Oct-17 Wool market: Buyers target non-mulesedThe Weekly Times
24-Oct-17 Beer and Shearing 2gb
24-Oct-17 EYCI rises on back of rainfallThe Land
20-Oct-17 The new Ballarat saleyard and online integration9news
19-Oct-17 Restocker support of the cattle market drops by 24 per centThe Rural
18-Oct-17 Cattle on feed growth here to stayNorth Queensland Register
18-Oct-17 Rain gives beef a boostThe Weekly Times
18-Oct-17 Cattle, lamb and wool prices up despite supply growthThe Weekly Times
17-Oct-17 Cattle: Public holiday backlog hits marketThe Land
11-Oct-17 Sheep and lamb slaughter figures disrupted by JBS stanceThe Weekly Times
11-Oct-17 Rain in NSW and Queensland causes drop in cattle sale numbersThe Weekly Times
10-Oct-17 Rainfall, cattle supply sparks improvementThe Land
9-Oct-17 Wool quality substitation being investigated9News
4-Oct-17 Employing a monkey to trade grainACE Radio
4-Oct-17 Higher year-on-year slaughter rates push pricesThe Weekly Times
3-Oct-17 Does a monkey make a good grain trader?ACE Radio
3-Oct-17 Climate of hope amid dry old slideStock and Land
3-Oct-17 Climate of hope amid dry old slideThe Land
2-Oct-17 Grain Harvest Management Scheme9News
1-Oct-17 ABC Landline: The competition from RussiaLandline
30-Sep-17 Country BreakfastABC Radio
27-Sep-17 Australian wheat losing out to the Black SeaABC National News
27-Sep-17 Grain stocks reportingABC Rural
27-Sep-17 Australian wheat updateABC The Business
27-Sep-17 Lamb slaughter up 12 per cent, but prices hold onThe Weekly Times
27-Sep-17 Lamb slaughter up 12 per cent, but prices hold onThe Weekly Times
22-Sep-17 Beer and shearing: Cost of a pot outstrips wage per sheepABC Rural
19-Sep-17 Australian cattle prices continue to plungeStock and Land
12-Sep-17 OYCI offlineQueensland Country Life
12-Sep-17 Changing faces on the railsQueensland Country Life
12-Sep-17 Cattle: prices broadly expected to settleStock and Land
10-Sep-17 Record numbers on feed underpin hike in beef exportsThe Land
9-Sep-17 Cattle traders weigh up market declineThe Land
5-Sep-17 Eastern indicator ends its poor runStock and Land
1-Sep-17 Call for beef agreementsRural Weekly
31-Aug-17 Countryhour: The OYCI is launchedABC Rural
30-Aug-17 Online version of the EYCI up and runningFarmonline
30-Aug-17 Lamb price rivalling seafood but it’s cheaper than beefThe Weekly Times
30-Aug-17 Lamb prices bounce back up as spring approachesThe Weekly Times
30-Aug-17 New season lamb prices bucking trendThe Weekly Times
28-Aug-17 Beef cattle industry should look to forward marketing optionsThe Weekly Times
24-Aug-17 Understanding price impactsStock and Land
23-Aug-17 Fleece prices surge, but outlook worsens for cattle marketThe Weekly Times
22-Aug-17 Eastern indicator keeps on droppingStock and Land
21-Aug-17 Countryhour: Mulesing PremiumsABC Rural
21-Aug-17 Importance of the US cycleBairnsdale Advertiser
16-Aug-17 Market positives are hard to findStock and Land
16-Aug-17 Cow price gap widens between Victoria and QueenslandThe Weekly Times
9-Aug-17 Is there a short-term rally ahead for lamb prices?Farming Ahead
9-Aug-17 EYCI down 1.6 pcStock and Land
7-Aug-17 Farmer group fails to recognise ColacColac Herald
2-Aug-17 A look at lupins in WAABC Rural
2-Aug-17 Colac saleyards ready for possible businessColac Herald
1-Aug-17 End cattle and sheep sales at Geelong saleyards, council reportGeelong Advertiser
1-Aug-17 Prices headed back to futureStock and Land
31-Jul-17 Animal liberationists protest at Geelong Livestock SaleyardsGeelong Advertiser
28-Jul-17 Countryhour: Japan set to increase tariffs on US beef importsABC Rural
28-Jul-17 Japan ups tariffs on US beefABC Rural
28-Jul-17 Wheat prices on rollercoaster rideFarm Weekly
26-Jul-17 Turbo charged domestic and export demand for grainNorth Queensland Register
25-Jul-17 WYCI, EYCI level at closeStock and Land
25-Jul-17 Doldrums for crossbred woolThe Land
19-Jul-17 Dozens of workers test positive for Q feverGeelong Advertiser
19-Jul-17 How deep and fast will the cattle price drop be?The Land
18-Jul-17 EYCI keeps fallingStock and Land
16-Jul-17 Geelong saleyards: New Agribusiness StrategyGeelong Advertiser
14-Jul-17 Wool growers warned about six-monthly shearingThe Weekly Times
13-Jul-17 Doing better from beef in the eastStock and Land
12-Jul-17 National mutton indicator averages record 419c/kg for 2016-17The Weekly Times
11-Jul-17 EYCI almost at 12-month lowStock and Land
5-Jul-17 ABC Countryhour: The rise in grain pricesABC Rural
5-Jul-17 Penalties trim twice yearly shearingFarm Online
5-Jul-17 Former low prices trigger wool market extremesStock Journal
5-Jul-17 Former low prices trigger wool market extremesThe Land
4-Jul-17 Price dip as slaughter hits highStock and Land
4-Jul-17 Prices dip as slaughter hits highStock and Land
20-Jun-17 Australian JBS assets safe from sales taking place to cover Brazilian corruption finesABC Rural
16-Jun-17 Wool grower believes AWI should not start nor own the Wool Exchange PortalSheep Central
14-Jun-17 Countryhour: ABARES crop reportABC Rural
13-Jun-17 Possível proibição de abates na Índia pode beneficiar UruguaiBeefPoint
12-Jun-17 Prices hold firm at last weaner sale for seasonSouth Burnett Times
9-Jun-17 Dos gigantes mundiales de la carne están en problemasDel Observador
8-Jun-17 Wool’s last big chanceThe Weekly Times
7-Jun-17 Tasmanian Countryhour: Cattle market forecastsABC Rural
7-Jun-17 Live exporters competing with restockers help strengthen NT cattle pricesABC Rural
7-Jun-17 Mutton prices forecast to rise 15% The Weekly Times
3-Jun-17 Gobierno de India prohíbe la venta de ganado para faenaEl Pais
2-Jun-17 Impact on the world of meatEl Pais Rurales
1-Jun-17 India’s cattle slaughter ban strongly opposedFarmer’s Weekly (South Africa)
1-Jun-17 Indian beef ban another feather in Australia’s reliability statusNorth Queensland Register
1-Jun-17 Midland Agricultural Association Forum discusses managing riskThe Examiner
1-Jun-17 Mutton surge the start of epic price riseThe Land
1-Jun-17 Wool correction, but still sustainableThe Land
31-May-17 NZ to take a bite at Aus-China exportsFarm Online
31-May-17 India’s cattle ban could ‘halt’ beef exportsGlobal Meat News
31-May-17 Soaring livestock and wool incomes drive rural boomThe Weekly Times
31-May-17 Lamb, sheep prices hit records ahead of winterThe Weekly Times
30-May-17 Indian Government bans sale of slaughter cattleABC Rural
30-May-17 EYCI increase minimal as winter loomsStock and Land
26-May-17 Countryhour SA: Live panel discussion on the coming cropABC Rural
23-May-17 Indicator rallies on back of supplyStock and Land
18-May-17 Meat processor pain as lamb price records tumbleThe Weekly Times
16-May-17 Farmers optimistic about pricesABC Rural
16-May-17 Slaughter figures on the reboundStock and Land
15-May-17 Farmers optimistic about pricesABC Rural
15-May-17 A timely break for the economyDeloitte
15-May-17 Geelong council report looks at saleyards alternativeGeelong Advertiser
15-May-17 First-cross Wagyu cattle: Superior beef big opportunity for F1The Weekly Times
12-May-17 Bigger yardings have not yet excited processorsThe Land
9-May-17 The Wagyu F1 revolution: What you need to knowThe Land
2-May-17 The Yarn AWI
2-May-17 Young cattle still in demandStock and Land
29-Apr-17 Innovation is CrucialThe Standard
25-Apr-17 Cattle market rates varyStock and Land
24-Apr-17 Wool industry’s pressure to progressThe Land
23-Apr-17 Industry must innovateWellington Times
18-Apr-17 Easter numbers lead to price lullStock and Land
10-Apr-17 MLA/AWI sheep outlook: Lamb slaughter drops even lowerThe Weekly Times
4-Apr-17 Large spike in eastern yardingsStock and Land
3-Apr-17 Wool growers urged to innovate and implement on-farmSheep Central
28-Mar-17 Prices rally on back of rainfallStock and Land
24-Mar-17 OTH prices fail to hook sheep producersQueensland Country Life
23-Mar-17 Australian exporters’ phones running hot in wake of Brazilian meat crisisBeef Central
23-Mar-17 Broadly stable national markets were evident for most categories of cattleStock and Land
14-Mar-17 Prices lead to drop in yardingsStock and Land
12-Mar-17 Feedlot prices ease as turnoff expandsFarm Weekly
10-Mar-17 Conference hopes to inspire growthFarm Weekly
7-Mar-17 Eastern indicator keeps on slidingStock and Land
20-Feb-17 Prices sending slaughter rates upStock and Land
19-Feb-17 Volatile world politics: How it might play out for beefQueensland Country Life
17-Feb-17 Lotfeeding lambs: Value-add low price grain this seasonThe Weekly Times
16-Feb-17 Supply contraction drives 2017 pricesFarm Weekly
15-Feb-17 Wethers in the spotlightQueensland Country Life
15-Feb-17 Mutton prices surge up to $15 as processors scramble for stockThe Weekly Times
14-Feb-17 Higher yardings leads to declineStock and Land
14-Feb-17 Markets near ‘unseen’ levels | The LandThe Land
8-Feb-17 Pay day 60-year high for cattle producerSouth Burnett Times
8-Feb-17 Lamb producers enthusiastic while on price roundaboutThe Weekly Times
7-Feb-17 Lack of investment under scrutinyThe land
6-Feb-17 Export beef puts base in marketStock and Land
2-Feb-17 ‘Lit up’ mutton marketStock and Land
30-Jan-17 Outlook taking heat out of marketStock and Land
26-Jan-17 Lamb advertising makes a differenceABC Rural
26-Jan-17 Beef cattle market: Strength to remain for first half of 2016The Weekly Times
26-Jan-17 Beef cattle market: Strength to remain for first half of 2016The Weekly Times
24-Jan-17 New year demand pushing prices upStock and Land
20-Jan-17 Cattle market set to sizzle for a whileFarm Weekly
18-Jan-17 WA wool producers keep flock numbers high to reap benefits of wool priceABC Rural
17-Jan-17 Gains made in return to tradingStock and Land
17-Jan-17 Cattle market set to sizzle for a while yetThe Land
16-Jan-17 Supply contraction drives 2017 pricesFarm Weekly
11-Jan-17 Chinese spring festival softens wool exportsFarm Weekly
26-Dec-16 What made the news in FebruaryQueensland Country Life
20-Dec-16 Cattle: Export price fall concernsStock and Land
20-Dec-16 Positive signals for lambStock Journal
16-Dec-16 Seed contamination threatThe Land
14-Dec-16 Spring supply contraction pumps pricesThe Land
13-Dec-16 Eastern cattle indicator 9% up on last yearStock and Land
9-Dec-16 The outlook for lambABC Rural
9-Dec-16 Despite a bumper crop, grain growers face poor returns due to low pricesABC Rural
9-Dec-16 Analyst discusses wheat pricingABC Rural
6-Dec-16 Most eastern cattle classes softerStock and Land
6-Dec-16 ​Riverina producers benefit from five-year price high for woolThe Land
6-Dec-16 Aussie winter crop production forecast for record highXinhua
30-Nov-16 Demand for cows still high despite dry weatherSouth Burnett Times
29-Nov-16 Eastern cattle indicator well up on yearStock and Land
22-Nov-16 East coast slaughters down slightlyStock and Land
16-Nov-16 Cattle on feed: Numbers of cattle in feedlots fall as margins tightThe Weekly Times
16-Nov-16 Beef cattle market: Heavy steer price at big discount to EYCIThe Weekly Times
15-Nov-16 Effect of Trump election unclearStock and Land
9-Nov-16 Australian fine wool supplies tightenStock and Land
9-Nov-16 Beef prices: In for their chop as producers’ share risesThe Weekly Times
8-Nov-16 Slaughter numbers at four-month highStock and Land
7-Nov-16 Forward contracts system offer for Eastern Young Cattle IndicatorThe Weekly Times
1-Nov-16 EYCI hits two-month lowStock and Land
25-Oct-16 Eastern indicator falls below 700¢Stock and Land
25-Oct-16 Eastern indicator falls below 700¢Stock and Land
24-Oct-16 Restockers drive cattle market but full potential still to be realisedStock and Land
19-Oct-16 Live sheep exports sink 16pcStock and Land
19-Oct-16 Spring flush takes effectStock and Land
18-Oct-16 Eastern cattle numbers up 91 per centStock and Land
13-Oct-16 US commodity report sends cotton prices higher while other ag commodities slumpABC Rural
11-Oct-16 Cattle: East coast yardings remain lowStock and Land
5-Oct-16 Huge sheep demand forecast as the sheep numbers fall across the countryABC Rural
5-Oct-16 ‘Perfect storm’ erupts ewe pricesFarmonline
5-Oct-16 Australian farmers who hedged prices less affected by current pricingXinhua
4-Oct-16 Parallels with 2005 start to emergeStock and Land
28-Sep-16 Cattle: Eastern yardings down 31 per centStock and Land
28-Sep-16 Where the rain falls, broad wool growsStock and Land
20-Sep-16 Cattle: Eastern indicator ends week at 713¢Stock and Land
17-Sep-16 Elders exit from live cattle tradeABC Rural
16-Sep-16 Harvest must meet evolving tastesAB+F
15-Sep-16 High rainfall and yields for VictoriaWIN News Victoria
14-Sep-16 Spring’s beef buying frenzy amid supply shortageThe Weekly Times
13-Sep-16 Elders’ exit from live export may be about social imageABC Rural
13-Sep-16 Limited east coast supply prevents cattle plungeStock and Land
13-Sep-16 Australia eyes bumper winter cropXinhua
11-Sep-16 Time is ripe for forward cattle contractsQueensland Country Life
7-Sep-16 Protectionism will hinder Australia’s economic transitionAsia Pacific Daily
6-Sep-16 Eastern young cattle indicator finishes week at 705¢/kg cwtStock and Land
30-Aug-16 Eastern young cattle indicator drops 12¢Stock and Land
30-Aug-16 Warning for steak loversTen News
26-Aug-16 Global factors magnify uncertain wheat futureStock Journal
25-Aug-16 Spring rain for Australia’s north to hold cattle prices highReuters
24-Aug-16 Wool market remains steady with Eastern Market Indicator lifting 1c/kgThe Weekly Times
24-Aug-16 Grain Market Update : Skipton GRDC Farm Business UpdatesWIN News Victoria
23-Aug-16 Eastern cattle index may have peaked for 2016Stock and Land
19-Aug-16 Wool forward trading regulatedStock and Land
17-Aug-16 Index smashes the 700 barrierStock and Land
17-Aug-16 Prices ease as rain relief floods wool marketThe Land
17-Aug-16 Cattle market’s gold medal performance still not a personal bestThe Land
17-Aug-16 Record beef price surge expected to continue until springThe Weekly Times
16-Aug-16 Meat futures products emerge to allow producers to manage price risksABC Rural
16-Aug-16 Big beef processing capacity cuts continueThe Land
13-Aug-16 Beef needs prolonged highs for real benefitThe Land
10-Aug-16 Countryhour Tasmania: Update on GrainABC Rural
9-Aug-16 Slaughter rates for cattle drop 18 per cent compared to this time last yearABC Rural
9-Aug-16 Tight supply spur pricesStock and Land
8-Aug-16 Australia set for cheap super yield in wheatFeed Navigator
4-Aug-16 Eastern cattle indicator reaches new highStock and Land
4-Aug-16 No movement on GM banStock and Land
28-Jul-16 East coast cattle yarding declinesStock and Land
28-Jul-16 More lambs ramp up spring volatilityThe Land
27-Jul-16 Does a ban on GM crops in South Australia produce a premium?ABC Rural
27-Jul-16 Lamb prices predicted to surge despite price slump last weekThe Weekly Times
21-Jul-16 Records Tumble in NSW, Victoria at new highsStock and Land
21-Jul-16 Tight sheep supply pressures exportsThe Land
17-Jul-16 Beef processor cutbacks shift up a gearFarm Weekly
15-Jul-16 Wool market optimistic as auctions close for winterABC Rural
14-Jul-16 Cow market upsideThe Land
13-Jul-16 USDA crop projections lead to slight lift in global wheat, corn pricesABC Rural
13-Jul-16 Processor cutbacks spread as supplies tightenFarm Weekly
13-Jul-16 Going back to Auction schoolThe Land
12-Jul-16 Processor cutbacks shift up a gearStock and Land
11-Jul-16 Brexit could boost Aus tradeThe Land
8-Jul-16 Is it time for WA trade lamb to shine?Southern Cross Austereo
7-Jul-16 Record breaking figures continueStock and Land
7-Jul-16 Warmer wool ratesThe Land
7-Jul-16 Aussie wheat farmers eye falls in overpriced marketXinhua
1-Jul-16 Brexit creates uncertainty for wool marketABC Rural
1-Jul-16 Specialty sheep tipped by breeders to become gourmet hit like Wagyu beefABC Rural
30-Jun-16 Entering record-breaking territoryStock and Land
30-Jun-16 Lamb prices keep climbingThe Land
29-Jun-16 Supermarket battle as lamb prices sizzleQueensland Country Life
29-Jun-16 Cattle and grain updateWIN News Victoria
24-Jun-16 Cattle prices beefed upBombala Times
23-Jun-16 Feeder demand drives prices upStock and Land
23-Jun-16 Record prices as buyers battle for cattleThe Land
21-Jun-16 Short-term trading garners favour with beef producers who now have extra feedStock and Land
21-Jun-16 Australia on La Nina watch as El Nino endsXinhua
16-Jun-16 Weather wrecks havoc on transportStock and Land
16-Jun-16 Global rain affects crop hopeThe Land
14-Jun-16 Supermarket battle: Red Meat9News
9-Jun-16 Indicator for heavy steers is at a highStock and Land
8-Jun-16 Beef, lamb and goat indicators close to even for first timeThe Weekly Times
3-Jun-16 Globalisation hitting Australian grain farmersXinhua
2-Jun-16 Weather outlook supports marketsStock and Land
1-Jun-16 Glimmer of hope for lift in US beef marketThe Land
30-May-16 A slump in shipping rates is eating away competitive advantageABC Rural
30-May-16 Why are shipping rates important to Australian grain prices?Southern Cross Austereo
27-May-16 Sheep supply scrambleFarm Weekly
27-May-16 Shandong RuYi moves in on Lempriere AustraliaQueensland Country Life
26-May-16 Wool sales down as market escalatesFarm Weekly
17-May-16 Wool confidence going ForwardFarm Weekly
12-May-16 Rain helps boost cattle pricesThe Land
10-May-16 Rains curb fears of failed winter crops in AustraliaXinhua
5-May-16 Dual purpose drives changeStock Journal
27-Apr-16 UK’s access to US lamb market nearStock and Land
23-Apr-16 ABC National Rural NewsABC Rural
21-Apr-16 Non-mulesed premium to hasten chanceThe Land
21-Apr-16 Unanimous support for NSW parliament’s mulesing motionThe Land
20-Apr-16 Eastern Young Cattle indicator drops to lowest since NovemberThe Weekly Times
20-Apr-16 Eastern Young Cattle indicator drops to lowest since NovemberThe Weekly Times
19-Apr-16 Live trade money pumps growth into beef stationsFarm Weekly
19-Apr-16 中国市场需求大减 澳大利亚高粱临近价格低谷JFINFO
18-Apr-16 Countryhour (SA): Meat processor margins taking a hitABC Rural
18-Apr-16 Countryhour (Vic): Meat processor margins taking a hitABC Rural
14-Apr-16 Sorghum boom draws to a closeQueensland Country Life
14-Apr-16 Prickly wool politics hurting growthStock and Land
4-Apr-16 Too early to discount Australian cropsXinhua
29-Mar-16 The Brazilian beef industry’s slow climb could be a nightmare for AustraliaThe Weekly Times
26-Mar-16 Angus bull sells for $26,500 at auction, sets West Australian recordABC Rural
25-Mar-16 Co-op retains confidence in red meat processingFarm Weekly
24-Mar-16 Wool market liftsFarm Weekly
16-Mar-16 Poultry crowing about retail beef pricesFarm Weekly
11-Mar-16 Thomas FoodsLandline
10-Mar-16 Latest estimates of global grain stocks draw little reaction from marketsABC Rural
8-Mar-16 Merinos’ fight for acresFarm Weekly
3-Mar-16 Costs a driver for live exportsTownsville Bulletin
2-Mar-16 Weighing up the value of CBH proposalFarm Weekly
2-Mar-16 Roller-coaster ride ahead, according to ABARESThe Weekly Times
1-Mar-16 Countryhour: Lamb slaughter recordsABC Rural
26-Feb-16 Angus bull sells for $26,500 at auction, sets West Australian recordABC Rural
25-Feb-16 Record for EYCI price is reachedStock and Land
18-Feb-16 Beef processor margin squeeze under the spotlightFarm Weekly
14-Feb-16 Breeders to benefit most from 2016 cattle marketFarm Weekly
3-Feb-16 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator tipped to keep risingThe Weekly Times
27-Jan-16 China hits mutton pricesThe Weekly Times
21-Jan-16 US should always be on a beef producer’s mindFarm Weekly
14-Jan-16 Countryhour: Poor price premiums at Western Vic salesyardsABC Rural
13-Jan-16 Surprise cut to US wheat plantings sees local prices riseABC Rural
12-Jan-16 Beef off peak but buoyantThe Weekly Times
23-Dec-15 Brazilian beef exports to increase by 6 per cent in 2016The Weekly Times
18-Dec-15 Fashion trends in China renew interest in broad wool typesABC Rural
17-Dec-15 Beef’s challenges in 2016Queensland Country Life
15-Nov-15 Island WoolLandline
11-Nov-15 Beef’s sizzling riseQueensland Country Life
11-Nov-15 Buyers feel pinch from falling supplyThe Weekly Times
11-Nov-15 Rain brings stronger returns at prime marketsThe Weekly Times
16-Oct-15 How high can cows go?The Land
14-Oct-15 Positive signals ahead for beef cattle pricesThe Weekly Times
13-Oct-15 Slaughter of heifers at unsustainable ratesDaily Mercury
13-Oct-15 Slaughter of heifers at unsustainable ratesSouth Burnett Times
8-Oct-15 Female cattle kill hits herdFarm Weekly
7-Oct-15 US could curtail EYCI riseThe Land
7-Oct-15 US quota tipped to dampen beef prices as exports climbThe Weekly Times
24-Sep-15 Lamb prices strong despite dipThe Land
21-Sep-15 North closing cattle price gapStock and Land
17-Sep-15 Early decisions payStock and Land
15-Sep-15 EYCI surges past 590c/kgThe Land
4-Sep-15 Beef blows family budgetThe Land
3-Sep-15 Grain analyst tipping wheat price rises during Australia’s harvestABC Rural
13-Aug-15 Trading cattle worth a puntThe Land
6-Aug-15 Export demand lifts muttonThe Land
20-Jul-15 Price projections staying high as slaughter surge continuesThe Land
7-Jul-15 Restockers push EYCI to 535c/kgThe Land
30-Jun-15 US limits a boost for Aus beefThe Land
25-Jun-15 EYCI continues record-busting riseThe Land
18-Jun-15 Are we keeping enough cows?The Land
17-Jun-15 Cattle price rise surpriseThe Land
3-Jun-15 International canola prices surge as farmers around the world reduce plantingsABC Rural
30-May-15 Wool in spotlight at forumBordermail
27-May-15 Northern price cap on cattleThe Land
14-May-15 Cattle’s climb continuesThe Land
13-May-15 Hungry feedlots push EYCI towards 500c/kgThe Land
7-May-15 Slaughter cuts a sound strategyThe Land
5-May-15 Sheep Meat Council confident about lamb industryABC Rural
25-Mar-15 Market spooked over ‘phantom herd’The Land
13-Mar-15 Cattle still strongFarmonline
4-Mar-15 Cattle market takes cues from USThe Land
4-Mar-15 Cattle prices slip, againThe Land
14-Jan-15 Prices high but premiums low at western Victorian weaner salesABC Rural
8-Jan-15 Cattle’s new year bounceThe Land
5-Dec-14 Lower production, changing fashions drive down sales of woollen clothingABC Rural
5-Dec-14 ACCC looks at world’s biggest meat processor move on PrimoThe Queensland Times
4-Dec-14 ACCC expected to investigate JBS takeover of meat processor PrimoABC Rural
23-Oct-14 Number of cattle being slaughtered amazes industryThe Weekly Times
6-Oct-14 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator hits highest level in two yearsThe Weekly Times
24-Sep-14 WA lamb prices will riseABC Rural
3-Jul-14 What’s the future of Australia’s wool supply?Farm Weekly
17-Jun-14 China’s hunger for red meatABC Rural
5-Apr-14 Global beef prices trending upFarmonline
3-Apr-14 Cattle and lamb prices rising in SA and VictoriaABC Rural
20-Mar-14 Bracing for beef ‘s baselineQueensland Country Life
19-Mar-14 Cattle markets at mercy of weatherThe Weekly Times
12-Mar-14 Expert tips forward wool sellFarm Weekly
4-Dec-13 Countryhour: Victorian grain prices tipped to increaseABC Rural

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