Wheat looking for direction

The wheat market is being pulled between two opposing trains of thought. One thought is that wheat should get dragged higher by deteriorating corn production in Europe and the US. The other thought points to the large Russian crop and a tenuous, yet so far workable, export corridor in the Black Sea. The market has […]

Ewe the one that I want

Lamb and sheep markets experienced a generous lift this week as competition fired up at saleyards and quality generally seemed improved. Prices aren’t quite back where they were four weeks ago, but buyers are certainly seeing opportunity at these levels. The Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator jumped 56¢ or 8% on the week to 745¢/kg […]

Market wins on a huge handicap

It’s heartening to see another consecutively positive week on cattle markets, but I’ll make no bones about it- we are seeing price increases because stock is being held back from the market, and the fundamental demand situation may not have changed. Sadly, the wins made in the last couple weeks look like they were made […]

Market opens to flood of supply

Sheep in paddock in NSW, photo by Adele SMith

The market returned from the winter recess with a large offering, and as has been the case, it struggled to digest the added bales offered. As one wool broker noted this week, “it was like the first day of school, with the buyers eyeing each other off to see where the market would land”. The […]