Restockers surface but not enough for price boost

northern cattle

Herd size, slaughter, production, and exports are all on the rise. Prices on the other hand, not so much. The cattle market remained stagnant again this week, with prices mainly firm despite a 30% rise in yardings. The latest cattle industry projections were also released this week and by all accounts, there is very little […]

Tightrope walk getting shakier for Wool

Merino sheep

A smaller offering and reduced pass-in rates did little to halt the wool market’s downward trend. With current dynamics providing challenges for sellers and motivations amongst buyers difficult to gauge, a large offering approaching 47-49k bales next week will certainly be a daunting prospect as we approach season’s end. This week, the downward momentum has […]

Supply keeping price in tow

Sheep in distance in green paddock

The upward price trend proved short-lived, with an influx of lambs and sheep supply resulting in a sizeable drop in prices this week. Demand couldn’t keep up with big flows of stock in NSW and in SA compared to recent weeks. The Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator fell 5% over the week to end at […]

Weather market alive and well

Last week I wrote about the mounting concerns in the US Midwest which was enduring one of their driest seasons on record. Photographs of drought-stressed corn and bean crops were being widely circulated on social media. The threat to production was the final catalyst required to shake out the excessively large short (sold) positions held […]