Kicking the can down the road

Some relatively sideways movement and the easing of finished cattle pricing in the cattle market this week suggest that incentives in the supply chain might need a spark from external forces to break the shackles of winter stalemate. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) declined 11¢ this week to 564¢/kg cwt.  This was a 1.9% […]

Mutton slaughter surge equals producer price gain

Both yardings and slaughter for sheep and lamb are on their way back up after the usual mid-winter processor slowdowns come to an end, and producers start to look at what they want to be carrying come the spring, especially as predictions of a dryer season continue. Unfortunately, increased supply has only meant one thing […]

Black Sea at boiling point

US wheat field rain

Since the end of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the wheat market has been on the receiving end of some additional volatility. We have seen the Ukrainian port of Odessa under almost continuous air strikes as the Russian army attempts to knock Ukrainian exports out of the equation. Early in the week, Russia upped the […]