Cattle supply soaring

With a short selling week due to tomorrow’s public holiday, the cattle market continued its gains with the majority of indicators seeing a positive change. Yardings were down slightly due to the short week, but still well above the five year average for the month of January. Processors have also had a strong start to […]

Wheat in the eye of the storm

Wheat plants _ image

After last week’s USDA report and the bearish response to corn and beans, the wheat market has largely traded sideways. There was some good news with US wheat exports far exceeding the weekly expectations and news that French origin wheat was included in an Egyptian tender. However, with corn still in a tailspin, wheat was […]

Softer wool market

Wool clip on table

Sellers reduced the offering in response to the recent weaker market, however the falling prices continued, with the only positive movements recorded in the Crossbred section. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) this week fell by 10ȼ to sit at 1186 ȼ/kg, while in US $ terms it was also easier giving up 5ȼ to sit […]

Swings in supply disrupt the balance

Sheep packed into loading pen on a farm with dark clouds above

Supply pulled back significantly this week, likely in response to last week’s cheaper market. After the excitement of a rising market, it appears to be searching for its new level which should reveal in the weeks ahead. The Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) on Thursday is up 9¢ compared to the close of last […]