Flock growth is over

Lamb slaughter in 2023 and 2024 is literally off the chart. That is to say, we had to adjust the ‘Y’ scale to accommodate the actual for 2023 and the ongoing forecasts. Here we take a look at Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) latest sheep ‘Industry Projections’. Massive jumps in sheep and lamb slaughter in […]

Will the Canola decline continue in 2024-25?

With canola prices in decline for the past two harvests, and planting preparations beginning, many growers will be wondering what is in store for canola. Forecasting harvest prices at this time of year is fraught with danger, but we can look at supply fundamentals and forecasts to get an idea of direction. Canola is part […]

Maintenance mode for Aussie herd

Cattle mob in a green paddock

The national cattle herd is forecast to dip by just 1% by June of this year, after lifting 4% from 2022 to 2023. MLA projects the herd to be 28.58 million head in 2024, down from 28.7 million last year, and to keep dropping to be 6% lower by 2026. This is a change of […]

Merino fleece staple strength premiums and discounts

Staple strength is one of the second-tier wool characteristics, after fibre diameter and staple length, influential in the pricing of merino wool, although its influence has waned greatly since the 1990s. With this in mind, this article looks at staple strength premiums and discounts across various merino micron ranges for the past five and ten […]