A good week before Good Friday

It was a good week before Good Friday as most indicators improved. With processors being very busy the last few weeks, the appetite for both heavy and light lambs appears resilient in a dearer market. Restocker lambs much like the rainfall in South-Eastern Australia was lower than hoped. At the time of publishing, Light lambs […]

USDA overshadows trouble and strife

The wheat market started off this week with renewed concerns in the Black Sea arena. After violence in the form of terrorist attacks in Russia and retaliations dominated headlines. Russia is also clamping down on some of its own private export companies After kicking out foreign-owned trading houses and seizing their assets, TD Rif – […]

Sellers meet the market

Sellers “took the money” this week, meeting the market despite a choppy result. Good & good-average styles as times were heavily discounted as AWEX reported up to 18% of these offered lots did not meet seller’s reserves. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) fell 10ȼ to 1142ȼ/kg, with a cumulative fall of 70ȼ or 6.5% for […]

Rain and Restockers return

A short selling week saw yardings down significantly, all cattle indicators had a lift in prices on the back of tighter supply. An increase in demand from northern buyers off the back of the rain that fell through the week helped push prices higher. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) made some gains on the […]