Live export lull as we wait for major market

Australian live cattle exports got off to a cracking start, surging well above year-ago levels in January, however, February saw less than half the cattle leave our shores than did in the same month of 2023. This is being put down to the major market, being Indonesia, only signing on the dotted line when it […]

Lamb demand shifting to the right

Aerial drone photo of sheep in Winilippe Yards KondoolkaStation , SA by Stefanie Roeske

All markets are governed by supply and demand. Lamb markets are no different, and we have historically seen a very good relationship between supply and price, which gives a measure of demand. Some updated analysis on this suggests demand might up this year. Long-time readers will have seen our demand curve charts before.  The demand […]

Long term crop forecasts

Canola field

It is hard enough forecasting commodity production for the coming season, let alone any further. Regardless, The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) do like to have a stab at forecasting crop production for the coming five years, and they are worth a look. In their Agricultural commodities and trade data […]

Industrial commodity cycles and Merino wool


As wool prices work their way through the bottom of a price cycle it is worth remembering that wool is essentially a feedstock for an industrial process, with fashion tacked on the end of the supply chain. That is not how the marketers portray things however wool prices cycle trend along with industrial commodities, in […]