FSR falls to 10 year lows

Angus cattle in green paddock

With the buoyancy of the Australian cattle market in 2021, it will come as no surprise that female slaughter dropped further in the final three months of the year. ABS released its official slaughter figures for quarter four, or October through December 2021, last week, showing cattle fell across the board compared to the same […]

Hedge funds lose to Putin on wheat gamble

Stock trading screen

We normally think of managed funds as the “smart money”, but sometimes they do get it wrong. Last week was a prime example. The funds were caught out with sizable short positions on wheat, as the market surged higher on the outbreak of war in Ukraine. For the last couple of months, managed funds were […]

Merino wool market solid despite issues plaguing commodities

Merino sheep walking out of a shed

Thinking the greasy wool market is traversing a stormy time seems an apt description of the mix of geopolitical risk, logistics issues and the normal economic uncertainty that goes with a long and complicated supply chain. In this article, we look at how the Merino market has fared in 2022 so far compared to past […]

Opportunity in restocker lambs

Penned lambs in Victoria

Restocker lambs have been trading at or around the same levels as last year for almost the entire summer. Last week, however, restocker lambs hit a speedbump in saleyards, and plenty were passed-in online. Falling finished lamb prices are partly to blame, but rising grain and uncertainty might be playing a part. Restocker lamb prices […]