US lamb price collapse creating headwinds

Regular readers will know that we like to keep a close eye on the US imported lamb market, as it can dictate how much local processors are willing to pay. Our lamb competes with domestically produced lamb in the US. US lamb prices had been running hot for the best part of a year up […]

Fine merino price percentiles

Earlier this week we looked at merino micron premiums and discounts to a base of 19 micron. This week we look at fine merino (18.5 micron and finer) prices via 10 year price percentiles, and look at where last weeks prices ranked. October sales data provided wool with a wide range of fibre diameter, down […]

WA prices put under pressure

The east-west price divide has been more obvious than usual in the sheep and lamb market in recent months, as Western Australia fails to keep pace. The Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) closed last week at 802c/kg, while the corresponding Western Australia Trade Lamb Indicator (WATLI) was at just 520c/kg – a 35% difference. […]

Black Sea corridors of power feed grain hunger and volatility

In the space of a week, Russia attempted to suspend, then backflipped and reopened, the black sea grain corridor causing panic and havoc on international grain markets as food security fears run rampant. According to Russia, on Saturday, 29th of October, the Ukrainian military launched a significant attack against Russian naval vessels and infrastructure located […]