Sheepmeat exports to China lacklustre

Ship with shipping containers

Australian sheepmeat exports into China have failed to pick up much momentum this year, despite total lamb and mutton volumes sent offshore tracking above year-ago levels. Covid-19 lockdowns continue to impact the Chinese economy, which is on-top of a global economic slowdown. China is still Australia’s biggest mutton market, but it has dropped back to […]

Golf ball hail hits a quadruple bogey for WA wheat belt crops

While torrential rain and floods drowned the east coast over the last couple of months, WA was looking to have escaped the chaos this season. However this week all that changed, with a swathe of the central and northern WA wheat belt lashed with extreme hailstorms and flooding rain, leaving damaged crops in its path. […]

Strong lamb slaughter but how many more?

Sheep in distance in green paddock

Despite the floods and wet weather, lamb and sheep slaughter has managed to track along at a level not seen since before Covid arrived. The question remains whether current slaughter rates can cope with the expected increase in lambs this year. The raw numbers look good for lamb slaughter.  Since the start of July Meat […]

Crossbred wool prices still in the doldrums for all microns

Shorn wool in heap in shearing shed

Today’s article is in response to a reader request for percentile analysis of crossbred wool by micron as done for merino wool last week. In this article we look at price levels, and the price differences for full length crossbred fleece by micron from 25 to 35 micron. The original request asked for the various […]