Fine merino volume, price and gross sales value


This week we take a look at the gross value, volume, and price of fine merino wool sold in the first half of this season. The fall in price levels for fine merino since mid-2022 tends to cloud the view of the fine wool market unfairly. In May 2021 Mecardo looked at the relationship between […]

Weaners were cheap, but not that cheap

A fortnight ago we looked at the ‘weaners’ sale prices and surmised that the lower prices likely pointed to the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) opening lower; maybe not as low as eventuated however. Here we revisit weaner value with the added insight of early indicator levels. With southern angus weaner steers averaging around 475¢/kg […]

Not the basis improvement we were looking for.

Canola field NSW

If you are on Twitter you will have seen many a post declaring the end of the extended harvest this summer. NSW has basically finished at the same time as southern South Australia and Victoria, which are only a few weeks behind normal. We have seen some post-harvest price movement, but it looks like it’s […]