Surplus supply causes cow cash cut

Cattle in Brazil

If you are in the market for replacement females it could be a good time to strike, as supply puts pressure on the cow market as well as young cattle. It may be sounding a bit repetitive, but despite the herd still being in rebuild mode, cow turnoff numbers are up, and processing space remains […]

Wool prices weaken in relation to Micron Price Guides

Merino sheep flock wool at Tolarno

The Australian greasy wool market is a transparent one due to AWEX, the body charged with reporting on the market. As noted in previous articles the key tools generated by AWEX to monitor the market are the Micron Price Guides (MPGs), which provide a measure of price movement in different micron categories. To allow comparison […]

The good news for lamb is …


The best cure for high prices is high prices, in markets, this is a common saying. It implies that high prices will drive higher supply, which sees prices fall. In livestock markets, the wheel turns slowly, but we are now seeing the impact of 10 years of rising prices. There is some good news, however. […]

Looking to China for wheat upside

Grain tower

Last Friday’s market comment made some interesting points on Chinese wheat production problems, and how they could impact world markets. Given these issues, it’s worth taking a look at China’s place in the world grain trade. You don’t get to be a country of two billion people without having some serious food production capacity.  While […]