Slim saleyard pickings send prices higher

Tighter saleyard throughput was enough to see the lamb and sheep market finally lift. With store lamb prices at some of the lowest levels in a decade, it’s easy to see why producers are dissatisfied enough to stay away from selling. The Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) gained 32¢ or 6% this week to […]

Could rain spell the bottom?

Murray grey cattle and calves in green paddock

Widespread rainfall across the north this week, combined with some lesser falls in NSW could see cattle prices find their low. Looking a bit closer at the data, we can see the market hasn’t reacted yet, with price rises possibly on the horizon. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) had a slight rise this week, […]

Fourth of July fireworks

Sunset over a grain field

Last Friday night our time, the USDA released their July stocks and acreage report. It was the first look at the row crop sown area compared to the ‘expected’ sown area survey done in March. It contained quite the bombshell by increasing corn by 2 mil-lion acres and soybeans dropping by an incredible 4 million […]

Crossbreds up double digits

Sheep in field

And they’re off for the 2023/24 wool season, and all categories (including crossbreds) have jumped strongly. A fair offering sold well as pass-in rates were low in an improving market. Improvement in all fine and broad micron price categories (MPGs) was evident across all three markets. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) has finished the first […]