Heading for record lamb slaughter

Lamb slaughter has been running hot for this time of year. In fact, the last month has seen new highs in terms of total ovine slaughter as well. Here we take a look at how many lambs and sheep have exited the system so far this year, and what it means for future supply. The […]

Kicking cheap wheat down the road

Wheat field

As outlined in Friday’s weekly comment, US wheat currently looks oversold. For wheat and cereal consumers here, that is of little comfort, with local prices remaining stubbornly strong. It does, however, create opportunities for next season. Fundamentally wheat looks cheap. World supplies are only okay, stocks are likely to dwindle this year, and Russia and […]

Crossbred wool prices show signs of life

Crossbred prices have picked up since mid-year after three years of badly underperforming the general apparel fibre complex. This article takes a look at the recent lift. In early September, Mecardo showed how crossbred prices had gone their own way after the initial pandemic shock in 2020, drifting lower in price for three years with […]