Lamb yards fill back up

The extra supply we’ve been waiting for in the lamb market seems to have arrived this week, putting a halt on what has been a slightly rising market in recent weeks. A majority of the lamb indicators lost roughly between 10¢/kg and 40¢/kg this week, while mutton only fell by 3¢/kg. That said, mutton is […]

Cattle in a holding pattern

Angus cattle in green paddock with dark clouds in the background

There were no changes of significance to sway the cattle market dynamics in either direction this week. Most of the country was clear of rain, many processors are backed up with supply and the turnoff numbers are creeping higher. However, it’s the long-range forecast that’s now a source of some relief. As we mentioned last […]

Wheat following a well-worn path

If you look in the dictionary, the definition of a rut is a ‘habit or behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change’. Then there is a picture of a wheat market next to it. Wheat fell into old habits this week after staging something of a late rally last week. […]

Shelves clearing in Sydney

The Eastern Market indicator was unchanged this week as strong bidding for higher-quality fleece was balanced out by discounts for less-than-ideal lots. As wool supply shifts finer and the incidence of vegetable matter in fleece decreases overall in the clip, the scrutiny of buyers will become increasingly important. In Sydney, the finer end of the […]