Retail red meat retreating

Carcase in meatworks hanging

If you’ve been into a supermarket lately you have probably noticed more specials on beef and lamb, creeping into the red meat cabinet. If you look closely you’ll still find premium cuts at the $40/kg plus price point, but Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data tells us meat has followed saleyards lower in September, albeit […]

Where is Barley going?


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has an easily accessible database for all things Agricultural production. This week we pulled out the data on Australia’s major winter crops and had a look at where Australia’s cereal crops end up. Wheat is our largest cropping commodity, and consumption closely follows production. Figure 1 shows production, […]

Live sheep still setting sail

The live sheep export industry is still showing resilience against its impending federal government ban, continuing to trade above year-ago levels. In September, more than 57,000 head were exported, up from less than 2000 in the same month last year. While calendar year totals so far are still well below pre-COVID levels, there doesn’t seem […]

Australian Sheep flock set to contract

In April, Mecardo looked at the relationship between rainfall and sheep sales to abattoirs (offtake) and opined that the coming spring was unlikely to be as good as recent springs in terms of rainfall therefore the offtake will increase. Unfortunately, this proved to be an understatement. In this article, we look at where offtake levels […]