Seesaw of fortunes between US and Australia

There has been lots of commentary recently about the US beef herd and its state of liquidation, with their national herd reaching its lowest level in decades. As the liquidation continues, it delays the beginning of the herd rebuild. The opportunity for Australia as an exporter of beef continues to grow into the US, but […]

Sheepmeat competition from NZ declining

There are only two major sheepmeat exporters in the world, with Australia and New Zealand accounting for over 85% of global lamb and mutton exports. As such, we like to keep an eye on what’s happening in New Zealand, and it would seem competition for export markets continues to wane. The kiwi sheep population has […]

Hedging window open but little to see

Wheat crop blowing in the wind

February is traditionally when the hedging window for winter crops is said to be open. The ‘window’ opens at this time of year as it’s a risky time for northern hemisphere winter crops, and prices generally carry a risk premium which comes out as crops reach maturity. Winter wheat crops in the northern hemisphere start […]

The economies impacting the Merino market

Greasy wool prices continue to drift along, with the very fine merino categories an exception. Prices range from depressed (for crossbreds) to low (broader merinos) to quite high (very fine merinos). As a general comment, the greasy wool market is waiting (like most of the apparel fibre markets) for improved economic news from the major […]