Mutton in the green

Prices rose for all bar one of the lamb and Sheep indicators this week, in what was a short selling week due to a public holiday for the honorary birthday of the King. Yardings fell away week on week and back towards the medium-term average. Southern parts of the east and west coast got another […]

Winter brings the wet

The start of winter brought with it the rain, with widespread falls adding to the guage. Tighter supply this week was what helped drive prices higher for most of the cattle indicators. Dairy cows had the largest jump week on week and if you’re on the east coast its good news because all of those […]

Two speed spread grows

The imminent start of winter has brought with it the rain and it has delivered. The west finally got the drink it so desperately needed, and there is some more to follow according to the forecasts. The market had mixed results, with the two-speed market trend continuing to widen. Yardings fell week on week and […]

Slaughter just keeps climbing

Cattle mob in a green paddock

This week there were a couple of ups and downs in price across cattle types as the market continues to operate in a more stable manner. Saleyard throughput was up week on week, with clear skies squeezing more cattle onto the market. However, competition remains steady with strong support from the export market. The Eastern […]

A party mix of results for lamb and sheep

There were mixed results for the indicators this selling week as the season slows down. Mutton cleared the 300c/kg hurdle for the first time since February and restockers also had a price jump. Competition according to saleyard reports wasn’t as fierce as it has been, with buyers happy to sit back and not drive up […]

Beef 2024 excitement spills over into bidding

All eyes are on beef this week with over 100,000 people descending on Rockhampton for the triennial Beef Week. Buyers leaned into the momentum with multiple reports from major saleyards talking to increased activity and competition, which helped support prices. Supply was down on the week prior, but still above the average. The Eastern Young […]

Buyers are back baby

The lamb and sheep markets were back in full swing following last week’s shorter selling week. Most notable were the buyers, pushing prices up across every indicator. Yardings also increased drastically and are still at heightened levels when looking at the medium-term average. Slaughter levels continue to stay elevated as processors try to keep up […]

Export buyers out of office

With the nation stopping yesterday to commemorate ANZAC Day, Thursday livestock sales did not take place. As a result, this week saw a decrease in activity with yardings down and many saleyard reports talking about a lack of participation and presence from buyers, particularly export buyers. Prices for the indicators were down slightly across the […]

Light lambs grounded

Penned lambs in Victoria

Despite a decrease in yardings week on week, the tightening of supply was not enough to support prices. Middle East airspace closures impacted demand at the yards as buyers waited for supply chains to reopen. Yardings and slaughter levels are still operating at above-average levels, as mixed farming producers begin to shift focus. Last week […]

Easter Bunny brings the chocolates for restockers

Widespread rain across the East coast has bolstered buyers’ confidence in the market, causing a surge in demand and a lift in prices across the indicators. The Easter break has seen disruptions to sales due to public holidays, but during this 4-day selling week, there was an increase in yardings on the previous week’s 4-day […]

Rain and Restockers return

A short selling week saw yardings down significantly, all cattle indicators had a lift in prices on the back of tighter supply. An increase in demand from northern buyers off the back of the rain that fell through the week helped push prices higher. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) made some gains on the […]

Small wins for big lambs

sheep and lambs in yard

Lamb and sheep indicators saw a slight lift this week, with all bar one finishing the week higher than when it started. Reports from major yards all report of a full buying field, who were not fully active in the market. Despite this slight drop in demand, the price across the board has still improved, […]