Indonesia signed the dotted line

For northern cattle producers, access to overseas markets for live cattle is pivotal to their operation. 2024 began with trade uncertainty which left the industry holding its breath on future trade with Indonesia. However to much relief, in recent days Indonesia issued the first permits allowing the import of live Australian cattle. Indonesia is Australia’s […]

A stall in demand?

Angus Cattle

Prices took a tumble this week at saleyards across the nation, every indicator suffered drops of over 20 c/kg. Early data suggests supply was flat week on week but is significantly higher than the 5-year average for the same selling week. Similarly, the level of buyer competition at the yards we’ve seen over the last […]

More lambs to come?

The market in 2023 provided processors an opportunity to make the most of young light lamb supply at the yards to sell to the Middle East export market. As a result, the abattoir, as opposed to the paddock, became the destination for more lambs. The result was elevated slaughter in the back half of 2023 […]

Has the music stopped?

All bar one of the indicators finished the week lower than the previous week, as the market continues to find its new normal following the rollercoaster of 2023. Yardings were down week on week by 9% and the previous week slaughter numbers were slightly higher for sheep and flat for lambs. Last weeks “biggest loser” […]

Seesaw of fortunes between US and Australia

There has been lots of commentary recently about the US beef herd and its state of liquidation, with their national herd reaching its lowest level in decades. As the liquidation continues, it delays the beginning of the herd rebuild. The opportunity for Australia as an exporter of beef continues to grow into the US, but […]

Mutton marches on

A full sales week saw an increase in yardings as expected and prices tended to move down slightly across the indicators. In positive news for mutton, despite a significant lift in yardings the price finally cracked the 300 c/kg threshold. Meat & Livestock Australia NLRS data shows that the month of January started very strong […]

Markets respond to season changing rainfall

2023 was a year that severely challenged the marketing plans of sheep and lamb producers, with dramatic moves in the market rarely seen. Certainly, the scale of the market moves was not typical of the normal seasonality we come to expect of the sheep market. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued an El Nino “watch” […]

Cattle supply soaring

With a short selling week due to tomorrow’s public holiday, the cattle market continued its gains with the majority of indicators seeing a positive change. Yardings were down slightly due to the short week, but still well above the five year average for the month of January. Processors have also had a strong start to […]

Mutton makes a move

Sheep in paddock in NSW, photo by Adele SMith

Despite more rain falling this week across the nation, it wasn’t enough to continue the price rise for lamb. All lamb indicators took a fall this week, ending the price rally occurring since late last year. Mutton on the other hand continued to climb, a welcome relief after not experiencing the same degree of a […]

Who is driving demand?

Looking at the EYCI (Eastern Young Cattle Indicator) it’s a refreshing sight to see a positive gradient, after what has been a long downward slide. The 4th quarter rally seen in prices bought with it a record number of throughput, as producers looked to cash in on the price rally. Despite the sudden influx of […]

Confident start to the year

The first sales of the new year have shown a positive start for cattle markets with the majority of indicators finishing above the peaks of December. Supply was tighter, but still relatively strong as the momentum builds up following the shutdowns over the Christmas break. After a wet December, demand was buoyed by further rainfall […]

Shifting sheepmeat opportunity?

2023 has set the record for the most amount of mutton exported since 2000, with over 200kt expected to be exported from Australia. While 2023 marked a challenging year of extreme supply and weaker demand for mutton, some positive signals are appearing in the Sheepmeat market. Mutton exports for 2023 have reached levels not seen […]