A catch up on CM-NM premiums

Merino wool sheep grazing

Premiums for non-mulesed wool remain of continuing interest for wool growers, as the absence of mulesing tends to increase operating costs, specifically in labour which is an input Australian extensive farmers have reduced over the decades. This article takes a look at the price effect of ceased mulesed/non-mulesed (CM-NM) on Merino fleece. Typically price models […]

Extreme supply lows but export prices still rule

Cattle in a sale yard

Cattle markets and prices are complicated, with plenty of fundamentals having input to the prices at saleyards. In the current environment, demand is extremely unpredictable, but last week we saw that Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) tried to put some numbers on supply, so we can look at what that means under demand scenarios. As […]