We will just send it to Saudi Arabia

Bulk ship grain

“Forget about China, we’ll just sell our barley to Saudi Arabia”. Is it really that simple? Are we able to slot back into being a supplier of choice for the worlds largest barley importer? This is yet another barley related article, although it is the most important issue facing Australian grain growers (and consumers) at […]

The end of lamb supply tightening and start for sheep

Sheep being herded by cattle dog

With the release of the March official slaughter figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last week we saw numbers we haven’t seen in some time, in terms of tight supply. The tight supply also gives reason for some price concerns for growers for the rest of the year. March is usually a low […]

Low yield discounts

Wool fleece

Yield, normally a minor effect on price, has become a major drafting gate for lots in the current market – separating lots achieving full value and those which are discounted. This article takes a look at the effect of yield on Merino fleece.​

All quiet on the rebuild front

Hereford cattle walking on green pasture

After a lift in restocker activity earlier in the season, we were eagerly awaiting the Australian Bureau of Statistics cattle slaughter data for March to see if we were formally entering a herd rebuild phase. Alas, it wasn’t to be, with the female slaughter ratio trending sideways and remaining above 52%. Figure 1 shows the […]