Percentiles – December 2020

Percentiles with a background image of hay bales

Mecardo’s Percentiles update for December 2020. Click below to view the latest report Grains Oilseeds Sheep and lambs Cattle Wool Dairy Fuel Percentiles are an important tool for assisting in the decision-making process. They can provide an indication of the range in which prices have moved and how much time they have spent at varying levels. […]

Northern restocker premiums

Cattle in saleyards with agents

When we talk about cattle pricing we often talk about the average price fetched across the nation, or the eastern states, especially when discussing what may be driving prices because it conveniently reduces complexity. Therefore, we often discuss the EYCI. However, 2020 is the year of the restocker – and there can be considerable variability […]

Forward markets worth considering

wool being inspected

With a turbulent year now behind us, wool growers who have wool to sell in the early months of 2021 will be mulling over the uncertainty of global conditions through the Christmas break and up to their wool sale date. This is the circumstance where consideration could be given to taking out some hedge cover, […]

Take from the West and give to the East

Sheep in a truck being transported

It’s often said that Western Australia is like its own country. In terms of Sheep markets the West and East coast divide is just as prominent, with different market drivers, flock structures and capacity constraints existing. This diversity offers some protection to the Australian flock, but with a new low WA flock reported this year, […]

Record receivals, but slowing harvest improves pricing

It was raining heavily up and down the east coast on Monday, and the timing was pretty good for most grain growers, with much of the harvest in the bin. It has been a bumper harvest, which depressed prices for a while, but after trending down for much of the last three months, prices are […]