Happy new lamb

What a difference a year makes! A phrase uttered by many producers in the south east over the past few months, as one of the worst seasons recorded in 2019 was replaced by one of the best in 2020. For those who spent last summer suffering from fires, smoke and crippling dry, the phrase no […]

Regional Rainfall Update December 2020

Clouds in sky

Mecardo’s regional rainfall update for December 2020. Click here to view the latest update This report highlights: Current season’s monthly rainfall trend  Last season’s monthly rainfall trend  Average monthly trend over 50 years  70% range in monthly rainfall over last 50 years 95% range  Rainfall within the 70% range would be considered reflective of a […]

Weaners breaking all sorts of records

The southern Victorian weaner sales kicked off this week, and with La Niña arriving in the second half of December, prices are hot. As predicted, cattle sold for record values, but are a little off where weaners were selling in early December, as finished values have opened the year lower. This time last year we […]