Yardings collapse continues, processor steers benefit.

Hereford cattle in green paddock

Young cattle prices have been supported by low slaughter numbers and declining yardings for a few weeks now, and this week was no exception. Processor and heavy steers prices saw encouraging gains, however, restocker and feeder prices slumped. Yardings dropped again last week, down 17%, with the reduction led by QLD, which fell by 22%, […]

Little Aussie battler – How high can it go?

Tractor harvesting crops

The Aussie Dollar has surged in the past couple of months, climbing off the deck at around 0.74 to now be knocking on the door of 0.80 USD. For those who don’t follow currency changes, a higher AUD makes the price of exportable commodities more expensive i.e. importers pay more for our products as the […]

Prices down, pass-in rate up

Merino sheep in front of gate

The wool market has ended it’s positive run this week with almost all Merino types finishing lower than the week previous. AWEX noted that last week’s strong prices enticed another big offering but buyers were more selective in their purchases this time round, resulting in the deflated prices almost entirely across the board. The Eastern […]

Lamb market gets comfy

Penned lambs in Victoria

Lamb prices have been moving within a fairly narrow band over the recent weeks, suggesting that sellers and buyers are content with the market. Restockers were willing to pay a bit more for lambs this week. This wasn’t the case for processors in the east however, as trade and heavy lamb prices fell marginally. Last […]