Is goat the GOAT?

Goats cc

As one of the first domesticated herd animals worldwide, goats have been used for their meat, fleece, hides and milk for more than two thousand years. With over 90% of Australian goat meat production exported, this export dominated product has also been swept up in the surging global demand for red-meat. This article looks at […]

Merino micron premiums and discounts

wool bale shed

In an article earlier this week Mecardo looked at the turning cycle of fibre diameter in the Australian merino clip, which has implications for the relative prices of different micron categories in the coming 18 months. This article takes a look at where the micron premiums and discounts are currently situated. As said numerous times […]

Cows still good value – if you can find them.

Limousin cattle

While we watch the young cattle price reach new highs almost on a daily basis this spring, it isn’t the only indicator breaking records. All the stars continue to align for the Restocker cow market, driven by a plentiful and long-lasting spring, supported by total cattle slaughter being down close to 20% for the year-to-date […]

Positive signs for lamb across the ditch

There are really only two places lamb and sheepmeat importers can go to find their supplies, with Australia and New Zealand dominating the markets. As such, it is always worth keeping an eye on what is happening with lamb supplies and prices across the ditch. The New Zealand sheep flock has been on the decline […]