EYCI to close 2021 on a historic high

Cattle herd drover

Another week and almost another year – and yet another Eastern Young Cattle Indicator record. When we looked at the US-Australia cattle price equation in December 2020, there were “very little to no indications” that domestic cattle prices would come under downward pressure in the short term. And while we can probably chalk that one […]

Demanding more mutton

Sheep in paddock

The mutton market doesn’t get a lot of attention at this time of year, with lambs flooding in and cattle prices at records. However, with sheep slaughter reaching annual peaks, the price of mutton over the coming months will have an impact on bottom lines. After bottoming out at 550ȼ/kg cwt back a month ago […]

Lot size

Wool bales

The wool industry has berated itself over time for still using the open cry auction method to sell wool (discover price) and allow greasy blending of farm lots into mill consignments (something not usually mentioned). Wool is sold in farm lots, and it is the number of lots which can be sold in a given […]