Aus canola rallies on grain turmoil

Canola field

All the excitement about the wheat rally has taken the spotlight off Canola in recent weeks, which has surged significantly both abroad, and domestically. Russia’s war on Ukraine has substantial potential to impact world oilseed markets, as Ukraine has historically supplied 55% of the world’s sunflower seed and oil, and 20% of canola exports (figure […]

Pricey corn pushes US herd further into liquidation

Cattle on feed

The USA is a nation that loves its convenience foods, and even cattle are part of the fast-food obsession, with 95% of home-grown beef landing on American’s plates being from a grain-finished source. The Russian war on Ukraine has pushed the price of feedgrains into much higher territory lately – which means that the cost […]

Shift to burgers a plus for our cattle

beef burger

While the Australian cattle market hasn’t really missed a beat with the war in Ukraine, it is doing all sorts of things to international grain markets, which in turn is having an impact on US cattle markets. Uncertainty is never good for prices, although, in this case, it might lead to some continued support for […]

Upper bound for goat meat price

Last October Mecardo looked at the goat market from a big picture perspective. In this week’s article we look at goat meat prices as part of the red meat complex and where the goat meat price sits. Goat meat prices have trended higher since 2013, tripling to quadrupling in cents per kg terms between 2013 […]