Have diesel prices peaked yet?

Oil production

Agriculture and regional Australia are incredibly reliant on diesel fuel, so when Black Sea turmoil sends prices through the roof, it’s of concern to everyone. International oil prices have spiked in the past fortnight, but have we seen the last of the pain just yet? World oil prices have increased as a result of fears […]

Farming in a war zone

US wheat field rain

This article will look at the impacts of the war in Ukraine on production and export potential. The information is from Masha Belikova, a Ukrainian market analyst and Mike Lee, a UK analyst who specialises in Black Sea production. While much of the market’s focus has been on the impact of severed supply routes and […]

Non-mulesed and RWS premiums

Wool being sheared off

The demand for RWS accredited wool continues to develop, with large premiums paid in the greasy wool market in South Africa, Australia and presumably also in both New Zealand and South America. This article takes a look at Australian premiums for non-mulesed and RWS merino wool (albeit including New Zealand wool sold in Melbourne). RWS […]

Lamb prices constrained by capacity

Sheep in a truck being transported

Last week we looked at the robust lamb export markets, and at the moment there are no issues with demand for lamb from offshore. The recent weakening prices are due to local supply and slaughter capacity issues, and this week we look at how long this might continue. As outlined in last Friday’s comment, the […]