Slow start for live ex as FMD hits Indo trade

Australian live cattle exports have started 2022 sluggish, with figures for January to April (latest available) showing significant decreases. And while several ships left Darwin earlier this month, the Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association (NTLEA) are reporting that trade will almost halt with Indonesia for the remainder of the month because of the foot-and-mouth disease […]

Sheepmeat export volumes higher despite uncertain times

Inflation, rising costs of living, increased energy costs and interest rates aren’t just being experienced here. Many economies are seeing similar impacts, which makes the strengthening lamb export market even more surprising. In May Australia had its second largest lamb export month in three years as slaughter managed to increase and demand remained robust.  The […]

Merino wool categories – micron and price

One of the consequences of extreme micron premiums and discounts is the inversion of price relativities for the different wool categories which make up a fleece. This article looks at these price relativities over the past 22 years. The different components of a fleece (the main fleece itself, pieces, bellies, locks and the various permutations […]