Pasture growth rate and merino fibre diameter

Media headlines of an El Niño forecast coupled with classic drought images of dried ground next to tanks overdo our ability to forecast rainfall so far ahead. Sheep regions in the eastern seaboard will be moving from a wet spring in 2022 to a drier spring in 2023, whether it is a decile one or […]

The question of overcorrection

The cattle market has continued to smash through support levels that we thought would hold, and is headed into territory we haven’t navigated since large parts of NSW and Queensland were in drought in 2019. Markets can overcorrect at times, here we assess whether this is one of those times, or if these levels are […]

A big drop in crop

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARES) released its March Crop Report last week, and we had our first look at the 2023-24 crop. After three massive crops in a row, it’s no surprise to see a significant drop in production estimates. Starting with wheat, we can see from Figure 1 that ABARES […]