Supply shores up slaughter surge

Stocking rates are well above average across southern Australia after two years of good rainfall, and a positive wet season in the north has that section of the herd rebuilding at renewed pace. According to Meat and Livestock Australia’s latest projections released this week, herd numbers are set to continue to rise out to 2025; […]

Bizarro El Niño puts halt on basis

Wheat crop blowing in the wind

El Niño is supposedly on alert, and with it, a wet summer in the US, and a dry winter here. The last week has seen the opposite. As outlined in Friday’s comment, the US is dry, and some cropping regions here have received good rains. While the US is waiting for rains to give the […]

Who’s got the appetite for mutton?

Ship with shipping containers

After a couple of years in the doldrums mutton exports have ramped up considerably in 2023. The latest figures for May show that the significant lift in sheep slaughter, and cheaper prices, is seeing mutton exports rise to levels not seen in over 20 years. Australian mutton exports in May 2023 were 68% higher than […]