Lamb market inversion

Aerial drone photo of sheep in Winilippe Yards KondoolkaStation , SA by Stefanie Roeske

Strong supply, dry weather, and an El Nino forecast have caused a very strange inversion in lamb markets. Even during the depths of the 2018-19 drought we only saw very large discounts in store lambs for a short period, but we are now seeing it in new season lambs. It opens up some great opportunities […]

Brazil tariff puts Australia ahead in race for US beef market

Brazil Cattle

One of Australia’s biggest export beef market competitors; arguably the biggest competitor actually, with more than 20% of the entire global trade, is also feeling a domestic cattle price pinch. Brazil’s cattle price cycle is heading south, with returns for their cattle in July reportedly 22% lower than they were at the same time last […]

Canola pricing primed for harvest pressure

Grain field on a blue sky day

Canola crop and production will be impacted by a dry spring, but due to geographical spreads and differences in relative demand, it doesn’t get the price support we see for cereals during dry times. Despite this, prices have been on the improve, not in an absolute sense, but in relative terms. There isn’t much canola […]

Broad merino and fine crossbred prices


With the decline in broader merino production from the early 1990s onwards and the focus of lamb producers on meat, the “in-between” micron categories have become hard to quote. This article takes a quick look at prices for the micron categories which are at the intersection of merino and crossbred wool. A good example of […]