Chinese demand outweighs appreciating dollar

fine wool 14 micron closeup

In the same week that US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in San Francisco at the APEC summit, US and Chinese market forces also came face to face in the Australian wool market as the Eastern Market Indicator rose 2% week on week. The fortunes of the wool market are tied […]

New year’s higher price for lamb still expected

There have been rumours swirling of forward contracts for lamb in the range of 650¢/kg being offered up for the new year. While I haven’t set eyes on these supposed contracts, it has prompted plenty of chat about what the lamb market might have in store for the next couple of months. At 650¢/kg, producers […]

US feeders triple the value of Australian cattle.

US cattle prices have come off peaks a little in the last week, but they remain at extreme highs. Here we give an update on how far behind the US we are, and look for potential upside at saleyard levels. The spreadsheet used for this analysis is called ‘Any support from record US prices’. It […]

Rising corn and oilseed supplies

Biofuel storage and crops

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) Report was released late last week. There was little movement in wheat forecasts, but there were some unexpected increases in corn and soybean markets. Figure 1 shows only minor changes in global wheat production, consumption, and stocks, however, there were some […]

Seasonality of Crossbred/Merino wool supply

Sheep eating grass

Discussions about changes in the Australian sheep flock and wool clip tend to be focussed on the total or overall clip/flock. However, the flock is made up of wool-focused and prime lamb focussed sheep, with the wool clip split between merino and non-merino. What are the long-term and seasonal patterns for merino and crossbred components […]