Something for buyers and sellers in weaners

The annual southern weaners sales are on, and there appears to be plenty on the market this year. There are a couple of ways we like to measure value, and while prices are well up on the doldrums of mid-2023, weaners still look like reasonable buying. Hindsight is the only real way to assess whether […]

Shifting sheepmeat opportunity?

2023 has set the record for the most amount of mutton exported since 2000, with over 200kt expected to be exported from Australia. While 2023 marked a challenging year of extreme supply and weaker demand for mutton, some positive signals are appearing in the Sheepmeat market. Mutton exports for 2023 have reached levels not seen […]

Holiday grain market moves

The Christmas and New Year break can often throw up significant volatility in international grain markets. The lack of liquidity with many participants on holidays means that moves can be exaggerated. In international wheat markets at least, we again saw some volatility in futures markets.  Chicago Soft Red Wheat (SRW) jumped 5% higher on boxing […]

Elevated supply and pricing for Ultrafine wool

Wool is a catchall term for a fibre that covers a wide range of qualities and uses. In this article, we look at the very fine end of the Merino micron distribution where despite improvements in supply, prices are tracking at excellent levels. As a general rule around 85% of the Australian fresh-shorn wool clip […]