Rising market hits a road block

A rising market drew in more sellers this week, but from the outset prices were noticeably lower which saw large amounts of wool withdrawn. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) fell after two weeks of positive movements, down 23ȼ to 1300ȼ/kg, although in US terms a rising Aussie dollar (+0.88ȼ) softened the fall, with the EMI […]

Lifts all round for wool


The Aussie wool market had another strong week across all sectors, with China back in the game and noticeably strong bidding across auctions. Stylish measured lots well rewarded. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) had its second week in a row of positive movement lifting 52ȼ to  1323ȼ/kg and with the Aussie dollar rising (+ 0.70ȼ) […]

A tail of two states

New season lambs were keenly sought after this week in the east, while processor capacity issues dampened buyer activity in the west. Despite another week of torrential rain in many parts of the country, new season lambs hitting the market were keenly sought by buyers. Prices lifted in NSW despite a surge in supply. In […]

Wool woes continue

Sheep being shorn for wool

The Australian wool market has suffered 12 weeks in a row without lifting. There was a late big withdrawal of wool on offer this week, but buyers were still not overly excited, with nearly all indicators falling. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) fell 20ȼ this week, down to 1235ȼ/kg and with the Aussie dollar rising […]

Market downward spiral continues

The Aussie wool market has been continuing to fall over the past couple of weeks, with the EMI now in its 11th week without positive movement. Low offerings and low buyer support characterised this week, with most indicators falling again, not good signs for the market overall. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) fell 24ȼ this […]

Fine wools weighed down

There were some big falls again for finer wool types this week whilst the medium indicators remained relatively stable. Poor economic signals coming from China and continued high inflation rates around the globe are weighing down fine wool demand, especially for the ‘lower’ quality end of the finer offerings. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) has […]

Broader types come out on top

In a reversal of the general trend over the past couple of years, buyer support was stronger for medium/broad wool types rather than the finer merino fleeces. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) followed last weeks path, pulled downwards by the finer types, losing 11ȼ this week, to 1319ȼ/kg. Due to a continued weakening in the […]

EMI finally budges, down this week.

After two weeks of minimal price movements, the wool market has recorded considerable falls this week. As reported by AWI, ‘subdued competition and lacklustre off shore demand’ saw most microns fall as sales progressed, with most indicators finishing in the red. After three weeks of not moving, the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) lost 12ȼ this […]

North balances out south

A much smaller offering due to no sales in the west saw strong buyer support across most indicators. There were some significant falls for the 17-18.5 MPG’s in Melbourne, but lifts in their Sydney counterparts saw the EMI stay put for a second week in a row. The EMI is at 1342ȼ/kg for the third […]

Market steadies as sellers withdraw

The market steadied this week after last week’s downward trajectory. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) didn’t budge on last week, the first time it has remained unchanged week to week since September 2017. The EMI is currently at 1342ȼ/kg, although in US dollar terms the EMI fell 18ȼ to 931ȼ/kg, thanks to a weakening Aussie […]

Late surge in Melbourne, a plus before the annual recess

We’re at the annual recess for the 2021/22 season and despite some promising signs on the final day of sales in Melbourne, most indicators were down, including the EMI which fell for the 3rd straight week. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) lost 19ȼ to 1388ȼ/kg, down 3% on the same time last year. The Aussie […]

Caution in the market

Murray grey cattle and calves in green paddock

There were some mixed results in the cattle markets this week but overall the sentiment was one of caution amongst buyers, who are, as commented by AuctionsPlus last week, becoming (if they weren’t already), “increasingly aware of expenses and rising costs.” While the seasonal conditions are still good for most cattle producing areas, it seems […]