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Wool sheep running in paddock
Market Comment

Positive note short-lived

The modest gains posted last week proved short-lived. The opening day in Melbourne provided some optimism but the market was unable to maintain the early

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Wool fleece
Market Analysis

Low yield discounts

Yield, normally a minor effect on price, has become a major drafting gate for lots in the current market – separating lots achieving full value and those which are discounted. This article takes a look at the effect of yield on Merino fleece.​

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Merino wool sheep grazing
Market Analysis

A catch up on CM-NM premiums

Premiums for non-mulesed wool remain of continuing interest for wool growers, as the absence of mulesing tends to increase operating costs, specifically in labour which

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Sheep in yard
Market Comment

Market takes a breather

After four weeks of losses and continuing uncertainty as to the full impact of the COVID-19 effect on the wool supply chain, this week the

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Cotton Branch
Market Analysis

How is cotton going?

Lockdowns due to COVID-19 have impacted the wool market and other apparel fibre markets. It is some two years since Mecardo looked at the cotton

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Sheep running in a yard
Market Comment

The trend (down) continues

It is difficult reporting weekly on the continuing demise of the wool market, with price decline now seemingly a weekly occurrence. AWEX noted that at

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Bag of wool
Market Comment

The numbers deteriorate

It is now almost a weekly theme for the wool market to post lower prices, with high pass-in rates and pre-sale seller withdrawals contributing to

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Wool spread by hand
Market Analysis

Prem shorn wool – an update

Shearing intervals shorter than the standard 12 months have increased in popularity for broader merino wool in recent years. The proportion of shorter length wool

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WA sheep farmer looking at empty yards, photo by Chantel Mcalister
Research: Impact of the live sheep export moratorium

In this report for LiveCorp and MLA, we consulted with stakeholders in the sheep supply chain to identify the impact of the moratorium on the live sheep export trade.

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