Wool stocks

Wool sheep running in paddock

For the best part of two decades, the greasy wool section of the wool supply chain has not had to concern itself with significant stock levels, following the disaster of the 1990s. This situation is changing and it important for the industry to work out a balanced perspective of what the newly acquired stocks mean […]

Which lamb export markets are struggling?

Image of shipping containers at sea

Regular readers will have seen that part of the blame for falling lamb prices in general, and heavy lambs, in particular, has been laid on export markets. Last week we received a query as to which export markets are letting the job down, and as timing would have it the June volume data has just […]

Feeling the impacts of corn market shudder

Corn crop

Corn is the biggest crop in the US, with almost double the plantings of wheat and nearly seven times the tonnage. A 10% shift in US corn production is enough to account for the entire Australian winter wheat crop, so when something changes, as it did last week, it is felt in all world grain […]