International Lamb prices

romanian sheep

The price for Australian lamb rose to dizzying heights in 2020, and maintained its elevated status into 2021, but is Australian lamb expensive on the international stage? Today we look at how Australia stacks up to the EU and our traditional rivals across the ditch, New Zealand, with which our price competitiveness appears to have […]

Has wool done enough to see Merino flock growth?

Photo of a farmer surrounded by Merino sheep in dusty yards

This time last year the wool market was tanking, but it wasn’t quite early enough to see a switch out of Merino joinings and into meat breeds. This year the wool market has lifted early in the year, but has it been enough to keep Merino lambs coming in the winter and spring? A few […]

Cheap staple strength and cheap staple length in tandem

Shorn wool fibres

A reader has asked about staple strength discounts, specifically are the current small levels of discounts a structural (permanent) change in the price structure of the greasy wool? The implication is that changes to breeding indices may need to be made. This article takes a look at the subject. Mecardo looked at the relationship between […]