Dissecting the EYCI

The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) has risen to dizzying heights recently. We all know that it’s a reflection of a tight supply and demand situation, but is this year truly extraordinary in terms of how low supply of young cattle is in the saleyards? And have changes in the average weight of cattle offered […]

Sheep price spring pain limited

Sheep gippsland in a green paddock

Mutton prices continue to outpace last year, despite supply having also increased. And while prices have come back slightly in the past week, returns are still historically high with spring right around the corner. Traditionally mutton prices experience a steady decline from now through to October, however strong export demand, a weak Australian dollar, and […]

Argentine wool clip

Sheep patagonia

Following on from last week’s article which looked at the South African Merino clip in some detail and compared it to the Australian Merino clip. This article takes a look at the Argentine wool clip (all breeds). One of the tricks to using a search engine such as Google, when looking for statistics in a […]

Wheat rising but locally relatively cheap

wheat paddock

It hasn’t taken long for global wheat supplies to go from comfortable to tight, with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) slashing production and stocks estimates last week. This has given international and local prices a boost, but Australian relative values are at new lows. The main changes in the World Agricultural Supply and […]