Merino micron P&Ds – a long term look

Shearing wool merino

The difference in price between merino micron categories has started to shrink, after expanding rapidly and significantly from mid-2020, and Mecardo had a look at this part of the greasy wool market in detail last month. This article picks up from that article to place the current micron price curve in a long term perspective. […]

Mutton exports make a move as lamb falters

lamb meat

Australian lamb exports dropped last month, but mutton picked up the slack, with volumes hitting their highest monthly total since October 2020. October is historically one of the two largest months of the year for lamb exports, but domestic slaughter volumes continue to track well below the same period last year. And despite an increase […]

Negative exports in NZ positive for Aus pricing

Angus cattle

We’ve just seen Australia prevail in a Trans-Tasman cricket match, which gave a little inspiration in terms of topics for this week. We’re not talking about cricket, but having a look at the competition for beef export markets, or more accurately in the current environment, the ability to supply increasing demand. New Zealand punch above […]

Rising N cost to make for tough decisions

Header harvesting grain

Rising fertilizer costs are the talk of farming industries at the moment. Higher fertiliser costs will impact all sectors of agricultural markets, with croppers likely to see the strongest impacts, but pasture-based systems will also have some tough decisions to make. Fertiliser is one of the main inputs in Australian agricultural businesses.  For grain cockies […]