India suspends tariffs despite a huge domestic crop

Pulses lentils

India has suspended tariffs on imported lentils (Masoor Dal) from several countries, including Australia. What does this mean for prices, and is this likely to increase the area planted by producers given it officially ends before the 2022 crop will be harvested? On the 13th of February 2022 India announced that the effective 11% tariff […]

A lift required to see slaughter forecasts reached

Merino lambs

Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA) sheep industry projections released last week are calling for a pretty significant rise in lamb slaughter this year. It could be expected that the increased numbers would start hitting the market early in the year, as the larger 2021 flock flows into slaughter. That hasn’t been the case, and the […]

Staple length in the Australian Merino clip

Sheep being shorn for wool

In a recent report, G. Schneider commented on the increase in staple length of the Merino clip this season, beyond levels that suit European processors. Mecardo takes a look at staple length in the Australian Merino clip in this article There is a range of staple lengths (a distribution) in the Australian Merino clip which […]

Percentiles – February 2022

Percentiles with a background image of hay bales

Mecardo’s Percentiles update for February 2022. Click below to view the latest report Grains Oilseeds Sheep and lambs Cattle Wool Dairy Fuel Percentiles are an important tool for assisting in the decision-making process. They can provide an indication of the range in which prices have moved and how much time they have spent at varying levels. […]