EU premiums in weaners- fact or fiction?

Angus cattle in very green field

The question of premiums in agricultural commodities is often up for discussion, and the recent weaner calf sales provides the opportunity to examine the existence or not of an “EU” premium for weaner calves. A disclaimer first, this initial analysis is based only on the Nutrien/Elders sale at Hamilton, on the 5th of January this […]

Moooving on up

For those following, or indeed trading in, the southern beef cattle market, the first fortnight of the year is one which creates plenty of content. When the market finished 2020 historically high, there was plenty of anticipation for the opening weaner sales of 2021 as to which direction prices would head. And while most expected […]

Oil price correlations to apparel fibres

A sheep being sheared

Energy prices have picked up from the low levels of last autumn. Commentary on recent rises in man-made fibres has noted the rising energy prices, attributing the strength of man-made fibre prices as a partial consequence. This article takes a look at oil and a sample of apparel fibre prices. Oil has a complicated relationship […]

Count on the USDA to knock your stocks off

The USDA published its assortment of January crop reports earlier in the week, with the World Agriculture Supply & Demand Estimates (WASDE), along with the Quarterly Grain Stocks Report, and the Winter Wheat and Canola Seedings Report released. Analysts had bullish expectations for this WASDE, based on pre-report forecasts, and they were not disappointed. The […]

More Merinos and fewer ‘other’ will support lamb prices

Photo of a farmer surrounded by Merino sheep in dusty yards

Most of Australia’s lambs are born in late winter or early spring, hence the importance of the numbers we get out of the AWI/MLA Wool and Sheepmeat Survey. Recently released, the surveys numbers are pointing towards a steady breeding flock, but fewer lambs for slaughter over the coming months. The lower numbers of lambs started […]