Sheep Live export lifts in 2023 despite uncertainty

Live sheep exports rose year-on-year for the first time in five years in 2023 but were still historically low. And while good numbers headed offshore in February, year-to-date figures for 2024 are still quite sluggish. Some markets have been improving, with Saudi Arabia continuing to be active after importing Australian sheep for the first time […]

Finding a floor or dead cat bounce?

Close up image of green wheat head

Sowing is getting underway here, and this generally sees selling slow down as grain growers are busy on tractors rather than filling trucks with old season grain, or at the computer looking at new season prices. While there is nothing screaming sell at the moment, things are looking more positive. Wheat prices seem to have […]

Surge to slump in Australian wool supply

Wool bales inspection

Wool supply this season in Australia has been anything but smooth, with a big surge coming early in the season and now supply is dropping sharply compared to year earlier levels. With this volatility of supply in mind we take a look at the latest AWTA volumes. Commentary on wool production tends to focus on […]

The recipe for higher cattle prices

Angus cattle in green paddock with dark clouds in the background

The best recipe for stronger cattle prices is strong beef export values, and rain. The last week has delivered on both fronts, with major livestock areas in NSW and Queensland receiving autumn rain, and manufacturing beef prices heading towards record levels. We have been hearing a lot about floods in the Blue Mountains, but it […]